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YouTube introduces new gesture controls, video chapter functions and more for Android and iOS mobile apps-Technology News, Firstpost | Instant News

YouTube announced a series of updates for Android and iOS apps as part of the redesign of the video player page.of Google has optimized The location and layout of the buttons, and some convenient shortcuts have been added.according to Company blog, They have recently made five major changes. These include a more simplified player page and gesture control, YouTube Improve efficiency when watching videos.

YouTube also moved the button directly to a prominent position on the video player on the phone to make the subtitles more accessible. image:

Introduction one YouTube Created a “video chapter”, which allows users to jump to a specific part of the video and re-watch part of it, thereby helping users browse the video better. YouTube This functionality has been extended by including a new list view, which can be accessed by clicking or clicking the chapter title in the player. This way, you can view a complete list of all chapters in the video you are watching.


YouTube The button has also been moved to a more conspicuous position, directly on the phone’s video player to make the subtitles more accessible. They have moved the autoplay switch to make it easier to turn the video on or off while watching. Some minor improvements to the player, such as rearrangement buttons to simplify the appearance, have also been introduced.

YouTube also makes it easier to enter and exit full screen mode-just swipe up to enter full screen mode, and swipe down to exit.

Suggested actions are also being rolled out, prompting users to rotate their phones or play videos in VR when they think they can bring a better experience.

At last, YouTube Recently launched bedtime reminder, which is a new digital health tool that allows a group of reminders to stop watching videos at a specific time and go to bed.


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YouTube Music has added a new library sorting option and changed the name of the flagship playlist to “My Super Mix” | Instant News

YouTube Music is adding new ways to sort the desktop music library. Users can now sort the library in three ways-recently added A to Z or Z to A. This feature is already available on Android devices and is now also extended to the Web. YouTube also renamed its flagship playlist “Your Mix” with personalized music recommendations to “My Super Mix.” This change will be rolled out to Android, iOS and desktop computers.

Officially use Google Play Music Shutdown, Google More updates are being rolled out YouTube music Encourage users to move to this music streaming service.

Under the “Your Mix” icon, there is a line describing the playlist as “endless personalized music.” The text under “My Super Mix” that was just launched is “It was your mix before.” The cover is the same as before-a pink-red background with a YouTube logo in the upper left corner and a circular design in the upper right corner. My Supermix appears in the “Mix for You” category on the homepage.

However, after playing the songs in the library, we noticed that the playlist is still called “Your Mix” in the “Recent Activity” category with the old description.

Now, you can also choose to separate your favorite songs, songs in a playlist, or even the entire playlist in alphabetical order. Previously, you could only sort them by recently added content.A kind Reddit Users pointed this out, and while trying, we noticed that we were also able to organize songs by A to Z or Z to A or recently added songs.

YouTube music plus New features, more updates seem to be rolling out now, Google Play Music Is no longer provided.Although these new features are not special, they will help to make the music streaming service more user-friendly, so as to attract more users who have used Google Play Music before Transfer To YouTube music.

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YouTube’s mobile app has gained new gestures and playback controls; here are the details | Instant News

YouTube has made a series of updates to its player page on mobile devices to enhance the viewing experience for Android and iOS users. The changes have repositioned some elements, added new features (such as an expanded set of gesture-based navigation options), and updated existing features (such as video chapters).

The new update makes it easier to enter and exit full screen mode. YouTube product manager Reid Watson announced the update in a blog post.

YouTube makes it easier to enter and exit full screen mode. Viewers only need to swipe up to enter the full screen, and swipe down to exit. And, if you want to see how much time the countdown has compared to the elapsed time in the video, you can click the timestamp to switch back and forth.

The YouTube app also has a new YouTube chapter feature that displays a complete list of chapters in the video you are watching, as well as thumbnails, so that users can search for videos wherever they want.

The closed caption button is no longer hidden in the three-dot menu, but is now directly visible on the overlay menu. The same is true for the autoplay button. Both buttons are now easier to reach, while the other buttons have been rearranged for more detailed navigation.

Some minor improvements have also been made to the player, such as rearranging the buttons to simplify its appearance and more flexible controls.

YouTube will also start rolling out suggested operating features that will prompt users to rotate their phones or play videos in VR. It also introduces bedtime reminders, which is a new digital health tool where users can set reminders at specific times to stop watching videos and go to bed. This feature is very useful for parents because their children spend their time indoors to watch YouTube videos.

Google said that there will be more recommended actions in the near future.


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GitHub removes popular YouTube downloader after copyright infringement notice | Instant News

GitHub is Microsoft’s proprietary code hosting platform. Developers use it especially. It quotes the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) requirements and deletes the source code of the popular YouTube video download tool. Several YouTube users who extensively use the YouTube-DL code to download or archive their videos expressed disapproval of the deletion and questioned its legality. The text requested by the RIAA now covers the code page of YouTube-DL on GitHub, and stated that the tool is “apparently designed to circumvent technical protection measures used by authorized streaming services such as YouTube”.

DMCA removal request The message posted on the website also stated that the tool was designed to “copy and distribute” music videos and recordings owned by RIAA member companies without their authorization. RIAA specifically pointed out three music videos as examples. According to the association, these music videos were copied and distributed without the authorization of the record company. According to the notice, Icona’s popular song “I Love It” (with Charli XCX) is owned by Warner Music Group and is licensed under the YouTube standard. The song is prohibited from being copied on the platform via streaming media. It also stated that it is distributing Justin Timberlake’s Tunnel Vision (Explicit), which is owned by Sony Music Group, with an additional age-protection identifier, Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off “M4A audio files are also being distributed.

It’s difficult to refute the possible abuse of this tool for piracy, but people use the tool for other purposes, such as downloading or archiving Point out Any internet browser can be used to open YouTube and download videos through developer tools and should be subject to the same censorship. GitHub has not issued any statement on this.

GitHub is already operating in India Earlier this year. The California-based company has stated that it plans to establish an Indian team in all its functional departments (including community, engineering, sales, support, marketing and services).

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Google Stadia announces the addition of Ubisoft Games, Telecom News and ET Telecom | Instant News

San Francisco: Google Already announced Ubisoft New games are being added to Stadia, including adventures in Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon and Assassin’s Creed.

Ubisoft is a French video game company headquartered in Montreuil and has several development studios worldwide.

Stadia users can play upcoming games when they are released. There is no waiting time for download and installation.

These new games may be bundled with Ubisoft UPlay+ for $14.99. However, there is no specific release date.

Stadia Pro members also get five new games for free. These games are: “Weird Tour”, “Kona”, “Metro 2033 Redux”, “Just Shapes and Beats” and “Rage of Ages 3: Make And Break” .

In addition, Google also announced that some “good things” are coming soon Stadia Cloud Game service users, starting from October 20th.

This move is expected to showcase Stadia’s upcoming new games, as well as some exclusive demos for users.

The multi-day event will start from the official Stadia YouTube channel.


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