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Simplicity usually makes the best laptop for work and entertainment possible | Instant News

Google Chrome OS has such undeniable simplicity that it should make Chromebooks a truly viable computing device for many people. Education and e-learning and basic laptops are the two situations I think of.However, from the current situation, it seems that only life value Most other notebook computer manufacturers have almost ignored the potential of Chromebooks, and are therefore promoting the use of Chromebooks in India. For most others, the focus is still on Windows 10 laptops, at these price points, they simply cannot provide an excellent computing experience. Soon after, HP followed this consistent path for a long time with the new Chromebook 11a. It is priced at Rs 21,999 and has been added to the HP Chromebook 14a. The biggest difference between the two is the processing power-the Chromebook 11a is powered by the MediaTek MT8183 chip, while the Chromebook 14a has the Intel Celeron N4020 processor. However, although the Chromebook 14a or even the Chrome operating system does not necessarily have to compete directly, there is still a huge awareness battle in the workshop. At least in our opinion, Chrome OS is not completely common sense. Then came the competition brought by the convertible-the tablet also got a keyboard accessory.

The HP Chromebook 11a is very beautiful laptop Look. Overall, the design language is very similar to most other HP laptops. In fact, blue looks really beautiful. You will know that it is not a Windows 10 computer, but an HP Chromebook, because there is a Chromebook brand on the lid. It is made of plastic, but it is well combined, and the material feels good. This is also a slim notebook computer with a thickness of only 1.68 cm. Much like the Apple MacBook series, the HP Chromebook 11a will also start the moment you take it out of the bag, place it on your desk or lap and open the lid. There is a USB 2.0 port, a charger is also connected to the USB C port for power supply, a headphone jack and a microSD card slot. Hewlett-Packard calls it indigo, and it is this blue that makes the Chromebook 11a stand out from other gloomy and boring notebooks. You might like it when you can quit and join a meeting. This makes the weight of the scale just over 1kg, and it is really lightweight. What HP can do is provide it with a more compact power adapter, which Asus has done recently on laptops. Instead, you will still get a clumsy brick with two long cables on both sides, which means that if you also need a pocket to hold this clumsy power brick, it looks really cool Your laptop protective sleeve is not in your consideration.

I really don’t know you, but this is my first time running MediaTek processor. The MediaTek MT8183 octa-core core chip is very accurate. Next to it is 4GB RAM. Considering the lightness and frugality of Chrome OS, this combination really sparked my interest. My experience is unwavering. I firmly believe that the HP Chromebook 11a will not provide anything, but will continue to provide a smooth Chromebook experience.The way the platform is developed and the way the application is designed and written has no processor and memory requirements. Maybe Microsoft Windows 10 machine. Applications on Chrome OS can be seen everywhere, and the Chromebook itself only takes a few seconds to boot up and start working. Think about it-4GB RAM in a Windows 10 computer is definitely not going to work. You will get 64GB of storage space and a memory card slot to add more storage space. Then there is a one-year bundle of 100GB Google Drive space, you may get used to this after the release, you must subscribe to the Google One storage plan. As part of the HP Chromebook 11a experience, a truly outstanding keyboard greatly enhances the experience. It’s neatly laid out, very similar to other HP laptops over time, and if you need to type quickly and accurately, it’s well positioned. The trackpad is not the largest in terms of the space that your fingers can use to manage swipe gestures, but once you get used to it, it should be able to do the job. For most use cases, the battery life statistics you should expect is about 14 hours, which can easily mean a day’s work without having to carry an old-fashioned charger. Neat.

But what really matters is Google Chrome operating system? The consistent simplicity of Chrome OS continues to surpass the appeal of Windows 10-based laptops. To be honest, the price is around 25,000 rupees, which usually provides an absolutely annoying experience. Simplicity was the foundation of Chrome OS many years ago, and it continues to this day. I remember I tried it the first time I tried Chrome OS. At the time, there was an obvious feeling that anyone who used Google services extensively liked it, but other than that, it was rare. However, the times have changed, for better and for multi-functionality. The Chrome OS platform is no longer the distinctive Chrome web browser you praised, but has some other features. It has all the features, and over time, all the features have also been improved-desktops, appropriate file browsers, download managers, and fully functional applications-and many of them have also been improved. Perhaps as you would expect, any computing device is worth your time and money. This is no longer a basic thing, but there is a complete halo of computing equipment that you can use at work, travel, and even easier work at home. As far as applications are concerned, the biggest advancement that Chrome OS has made over the years is the ability to run applications for Android phones. In other words, you may be following more than one million applications on this new computing device. Therefore, a complete Play Store is also available on the Chromebook. Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications? Spotify app? Video streaming application. Whatever you say, the entire world of productivity, utility and entertainment applications is available. For any Android phone user, switching can prove to be seamless, which is a real value-added.

Chrome OS in its updated latest version very effectively refutes this view that buying a Chromebook means that you have fallen into Google’s ecosystem. Never restrict your use of Gmail, Google Drive, Chrome web browser, and Google Docs-even unrestricted to provide a hindered experience elsewhere. This is definitely not the case. Don’t like Google Chrome? You can switch to Firefox. Do you want to use Dropbox instead of Google Drive? Of course you can.You can name Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, PUBG, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Android app And it is possible to run smoothly on Chrome OS. For anyone using an Android phone, Google Smart Lock is great. There are also a large number of security measures at work in the background. For example, the sandbox function isolates each open application from the core operating system process, which protects Chrome OS from malware that might try to damage the operating system itself. All in all, it is expected that Google’s own applications and services will be available in advance. The Chromebook comes pre-installed with the G Suite application, mailbox, Google Assistant, Google Chrome, Google Drive, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Keep, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, etc.

You may be a little worried about the size of the screen. Not everyone can do it with a compact screen on the main computing device. For example, if you have to deal with spreadsheets, a wider screen space is very useful. HP Chromebook 11a provides an 11.6-inch screen. It is bright, very clear, and can almost pop up various colors.No fancy modern features, such as high resolution or High dynamic range ability. I have a sneaky suspicion that if you have to use apps side by side or need more horizontal space for apps, you might feel limited available space at one point. I often need things. However, for most users who may only need a small laptop to carry e-mail, handle documents and other content, this also helps to improve portability. Smaller screen sizes such as these may not work well in certain use cases, but this is offset by the needs of larger groups of people, which require easy portability and a compact footprint.

The last word: Chrome OS is much more than that

In the past few years, Chrome OS has undergone more changes in terms of upgrades and increased versatility, but little has actually changed. This is a good thing, because the core principles of simplicity and frugality remain the same as before. It turns out that it was the first time I tried to use MediaTek’s chip on a laptop. It was a very interesting experience, and Chrome OS itself also helped me.Yes, if you are deeply rooted in HP Chromebook 11a, then HP Chromebook 11a will be the best choice Google Application and service ecosystem. You can really use Google’s services to take full advantage of the Chrome OS platform. However, if you really need to use other applications and services, then Chrome OS will not hinder you. In addition, you will get a laptop that does not require a 2.6GHz processor and 16GB RAM to work normally, and the battery life is also very stable. Unlike Windows 10 laptops on a budget, this does not have any obvious compromises. That in itself is very popular.


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The Italian fugitive was arrested after appearing on a YouTube cooking video | Instant News

HAVANA, Cuba (CNN) – A suspected mafia fugitive who has been wanted since 2014 was arrested by police in the Dominican Republic for his hobby as a YouTube chef.

An amateur chef who posted a video of himself cooking on YouTube may have provided more than just a recipe, Italian police said.

Marc Feren Claude Biart is a fugitive suspect who, according to Italian police, was involved in the drug trafficking between the Netherlands and Italy.

An Italian official said Biart was one of the most dangerous fugitives belonging to ‘Ndrangheta, a powerful syndicate believed to be responsible for about 80 percent of the cocaine that enters Europe.

For the past five years, Biart has lived a quiet life except for a hobby where he posts videos of him and his wife cooking on YouTube.

In the video, you don’t see Biart’s face, but you can see some of his signature tattoos, police say, and that leads them to Biart and his arrest.

Biart was sent back to Italy on Monday to face multiple charges of drug trafficking.

CNN was unable to contact any Biart attorneys.

Police in Italy say that since 2014 Biart has been on the run and that he might have remained hidden if not for his passion for Italian cuisine, which he shares with the world.

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YouTube may get rid of the number of dislikes | Instant News

Illustration of the article titled

image: YouTube

YouTube just announced that “in response to creators’ feedback on happiness and targeted dislikes of campaigns,” the site is testing some new designs that “do not show the number of dislikes by the public”.

Although this is not a definitive change that everyone can make on the site, it shows that YouTube is at least considering this move and is currently testing “some new designs” (shown in the image below) as part of an “experiment” for a small number of users .

The buttons that YouTube doesn’t like, and the very public way that they can be counted for videos, is weird! Sometimes, this may be a way for fans to make them dissatisfied with certain things. Like a call-of-duty Once the trailer for the second most popular video in YouTube history. However, at other times, this may be a way of harassing creators.

When the website says that it is using “creator feedback around happiness and targeted dislikes” as the basis for this potential change, I will leave it to you to decide whether “A small number of YouTubers have been attacked by heinous mobs” or “large companies dissatisfied with public relations denials” prompt them to take action.

Although the dislike button itself will remain, only the uploader of the video can check the number of times it has been selected by checking the metrics on its YouTube Studio page.


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Italian mafia members were arrested after being recognized for tattoos on YouTube cooking videos | Instant News

An Italian mafia gang member has been arrested in the Dominican Republic after his tattoo was recognized on YouTube.

Marc Feren Claude Biart has been on the run from Italian authorities since 2014 and has lived in Boca Chica on the Caribbean island, police said.

Prosecutors want Biart on charges of smuggling cocaine into the Netherlands for a dreaded mafia clan, “Ndrangheta.

According to police, the suspect has appeared in a YouTube video in which he explains the Italian recipe while hiding his face.

However, the tattoo can be seen on video, which allows him to be recognized.

The 53-year-old fugitive was arrested in Santo Domingo on Wednesday and transferred to Milan’s Malpensa airport, police said in a statement. statement.

‘The Ndrangheta are considered to be the most powerful mafia in Italy and are based in the southern region of Calabria. This group is known for its control over the cocaine trade in Europe.

This week, the Italian authorities have launched an operational summit in Italy in collaboration with Interpol to fight the ‘Ndrangheta.

“The war against the Calabrian Mafia does not only concern Italy but also involves other countries because of its ability to penetrate cross-border economic arrangements,” said the police.

“This is a serious threat at the international level, even if the trafficking and all criminal activity originates in Calabria.”

In January, Italy started one of the largest organized crime trials in its history against the ‘Ndrangheta syndicate.

More than 500 defendants face charges, including murder, drug trafficking, extortion and money laundering, in trials that will last at least one year.


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Google’s App Store privacy tags: What they mean for your data and privacy | Instant News

After Apple revised its policy, Google recently updated the privacy labels of most apps listed in the App Store, which is a mandatory requirement that all apps must disclose their data sharing practices. These new privacy labels are displayed in each app list under the “App Privacy” section on the App Store and detail the types of data that the app tracks or collects. It also allows you to clearly understand the purpose of this data, such as for the delivery of third-party advertisements, for advertising and marketing your own products, for analysis, better product personalization or to improve application functionality.

Google Have a set of applications on the App Store, including mailbox, YouTube, Google Map, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Drive, with Google Chrome. We have reviewed the privacy labels of all these apps on the App Store to let you know what they mean and help you be clearer.


To display third-party ads, please use the official Google search app collect Data such as rough location, search history, browsing history, and ads you view online. For the developer’s advertising or marketing, such as displaying the developer’s own advertisement in the application, sending you marketing communications directly or sharing data with the entity that will display the advertisement to you, Google also collects the actual address, email address, name , User ID, device ID, product interaction data and advertising data. User ID details include name, handle, account ID, assigned user ID, customer number, probability identifier or other user or account-level ID.

In order to in-depth analysis and provide better product personalization and application features, the Google search application collects accurate location, contacts, your voice or recording, data generated during customer support requests, crash data, and even performance data (E.g. release) time, hanging rate or energy consumption. Analysis means using data to evaluate your behavior, including understanding the effectiveness of existing product features, planning new features, or measuring audience size or characteristics.


The video sharing platform may be Keep track of your data For example, actual addresses, email addresses, names, phone numbers, user IDs, and device IDs on apps and websites owned by other companies. YouTube will also collect your data, such as rough location, search history, browsing history, physical address, email address, name, phone number, user ID, device ID, product interaction and advertising data to provide better third-party advertising . For its own advertising and marketing purposes, it may also peek into your purchase history.

YouTube may also collect your precise location, payment information (such as payment method, payment card number or bank account number), and sensitive information (such as race or ethnicity data, sexual orientation, pregnancy or childbirth information, disability, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade) Use union membership, political opinions, genetic information or biometric data for analysis, application functions, product personalization, and other undefined purposes.


Gmail’s privacy label is in app Store It is recommended that it collect your rough location, your user ID details, and information about the ads you have viewed for third-party ads. User ID details include name, handle, account ID, assigned user ID, customer number, probability identifier or other user or account-level ID. It may view your purchase history, approximate location, email address, photos or videos, audio content, device ID, application interactions for product personalization, analysis and improvement of application functions.

Google Chrome

According to its disclosure on the Chrome browser, Chrome surprisingly did not collect data to serve third-party advertisements. app Store. It uses information such as rough location, voice records, browsing history, crash data, performance data, user ID, device ID, product interaction, and payment information for analysis, product personalization, and application functions.

Google Docs, Google Drive

Google Docs with Google Drive Don’t collect data about third-party advertising. They collect data for analysis, product personalization and improve application functions. To this end, Google Docs and Google Drive collect data such as rough location, email address, contacts, photos or videos, recordings, search history, user ID, device ID, crash log, performance data, purchase history, etc. .

Google Maps, Google Photos

Google has not updated App Store privacy tags For Google Maps and Google Photos. Since Apple has forced apps to fill in details when submitting updates for review, it is hoped that this section will be updated as soon as possible. The latest updates for Google Maps and Google Photos on the App Store are December 1st and December 2nd. These apps have not received updates since nearly four months.

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