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Nintendo defeats Game & Watch hackers with YouTube copyright notice | Instant News

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Nintendo blocked a video from a modder that successfully hacked his Game & Watch handheld computer to enable it to play several other games. After the publisher collected a copyright claim on the relevant channel, the two videos on YouTube could not be played.

The account belongs to Modder “Stacksmashing”, which bought Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Games and Watches The device began to be patched with a $50 handheld device as early as November, trying to do what it can do with its basic technology. Stacksmashing has successfully built and ran multiple games through ROM swaps, including the original NES version. The Legend of Zelda Of course, id Software’s doom.

Unfortunately, Nintendo was not too polite to the Stacksmashing experiment and filed a copyright claim on its video, which YouTube supported.Stacking notes on Twitter, their videos are not picked up by algorithms, but Singled out Represented by Nintendo.Nintendo is still very strange, Nintendo’s statement seems to make sense especially in The use of lens in games, Rather than refer to the hardware hacker itself.

Finally, this is another day for Nintendo in the office, long We are very strict with respect to any form of game, hardware or software area evasion behavior. So if you choose to fiddle with games and watch games, don’t upload the results to YouTube…or don’t play Nintendo games on YouTube? Or both?

Nintendo is making a copyright claim on the video of Game&Watch hacking [Gizmodo]

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YouTube has added voice search to its web app | Instant News

YouTube has added voice search to its web app.Now you can search for the following videos using voice commands YouTube, You can also browse part of the user interface. Voice search is already available on YouTube’s Android and iOS apps, and will eventually be available on the web version.

YouTube’s web app now has a microphone icon next to the search bar. Then, you must grant microphone permissions to the YouTube website to enable voice search. Then, you can click on the microphone and say what you want to search for on YouTube. You can also tap the microphone icon again to turn it off.This feature is the first spot Provided by 9to5Google and has been widely used.

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YouTube’s voice search function understands queries well and is very smart. As 9to5Google pointed out, you can use commands like “show me cat videos” and YouTube will narrow it down to “cat videos”. For queries such as “show my k-pop videos” or “show my funny videos”, they can only search for k-pop videos or funny videos, respectively.

YouTube’s voice search can also be used for other queries. You can ask YouTube to display your subscriptions, viewing history, popular videos, your media library and more.

YouTube is also making some cosmetic improvements to its app. Recently, it added audio and closed caption buttons to videos in the feed. So if you are watching a video in your feed, you can mute or unmute it and turn on/off closed captioning. The updated user interface is visible on YouTube’s Android app.


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The definitive version of San Andreas video remakes the PS5 game | Instant News

This year, Rockstar Games will release an “expanded and enhanced” version of Grand Theft Auto V with GTA online Suitable for PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox SeriesS.At the same time, it is believed that it is already working Grand Theft Auto 6, It is also possible to bind PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox SeriesX at the same time.In other words, a lot Grand Theft Auto Fans want to see the developers return to the previous version.From San Andreas to Sin City, The past works require re-production or renovation, but at this point, it is foolish to expect Rockstar Games to return to these areas.

In other words, although Rockstar Games may never go back to these earlier versions, YouTuber “XXII” has a new “GTA: Saint Andreas definitive editionA trailer made by fans of ”reimagined the game as a PS5 remake.

As you can see, the trailer brings a visual upgrade to the game, and although it is far from perfect, it does provide the feeling of remaking the game. As you might expect, all the main characters-CJ, Big Smoke, Ryder, Officer Frank Tenpenny, Kendl, Cesar and Sweet-are present.

Although it is unlikely that Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive will remake or remake GTA San Andreas, It is likely to be re-released with some other nostalgic items like on PS5, Sin City, There are more products re-released on the previous generation PS4. Having said that, it has not yet been confirmed.what Grand Theft Auto Fans can look forward to the “extended and enhanced” version this year GTA 5And who knows, maybe Grand Theft Auto 6 revealed.

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4 major application disputes since 2020 | Instant News

key point

  • There are many problems in 2020, the most important of which is the coronavirus
  • It also saw many app controversies
  • These include several popular apps from India, such as WeChat and TikTok, which are banned in India

2020 has brought major changes to life around the world. In the spread of COVID-19, large technology companies face a lot of scrutiny on certain operations. Apple released the first batch of 5G iPhones and the first pair of headphones. There are rumors that Samsung plans to discontinue products such as the Galaxy Note series.

The same is true for apps and games. Some popular games this year were banned, removed or involved some interesting issues.

The following are some of the application disputes caused in 2020:

Chinese apps are banned by India

Some popular apps from China are Banned in India Due to major issues between the two countries earlier this year. These applications – Over one hundred -According to reports from Android Authority, these include messaging app WeChat, video sharing platform TikTok, file organizer app ES File Explorer, etc.

Popular apps reviewed to use consumer data

Just this month Federal Trade Commission An order was issued requiring nine social media and video streaming companies to provide data on “how they collect, use and present personal information, their advertising and user engagement behavior, and how their behavior affects children and young people.”

These companies include retail giant Amazon, Chinese company ByteDance (operating TikTok), Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Snapchat owner Snap, Twitter, Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Google-owned YouTube.

Alphabet/Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey will testify on content censorship policies at Senate hearings Photo: AFP/Fabric COFFRINI

COVID-19 exposure notice

Apple and Google are committed to creating a API Public health authorities and other developers can use this tool to notify people whether they have been in contact with or at least approaching people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The API is designed to help people understand whether they are at risk of being infected by a virus. Although Apple and Google do not collect user-identifiable data, Worry about your privacy Violated by this tool.

Epic games and big technology

Earlier this year, “Fortnite” was removed from the iOS App Store after Epic Games tried to insert a new payment method (in violation of App Store policy).Eventually blown up Get into a bigger problem, With Epic filing litigation Every time the company sells on the platform, the company will get a huge amount of 30% from the developer, thus competing with Apple and Google.

Epic caused a sensation, attracted other companies Join the competition against these two technology giants. The legal dispute is far from over.


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Parents urge to know the meaning behind 10 common game phrases their children are using | Instant News

With dozens of excited children enjoying their new Christmas game console, TalkTalk’s new research shows that parents across the country are confused by the game phrases they often accompany.

A study conducted by the connectivity provider TalkTalk on British parents with children aged 7 or over showed that nearly three-quarters (72%) did not understand the game terminology used by the child, such as’n00b’, ‘boosting’ and “camping” have become commonplace around the table.

Another 45% of parents rated game knowledge as poor or bad, while 28% of parents expressed interest in game language and hope they understand the meaning of this sentence.

As the pandemic leads people to find entertainment online, the popularity of games has skyrocketed in 2020. This year, Internet usage on the TalkTalk network has increased by 50%, and online games have caused the provider’s network data to reach certain peaks. This is because gamers across the country are eager to pick from game series such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. Download new versions and updates.

At the same time, the launch of the new PlayStation 5 in November created a new 24-hour data usage record for TalkTalk. TalkTalk’s entire customer base used enough data to download the entire catalog of Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music (170 million songs) ) 20 minutes.

Parents have not overlooked that online gaming plays a vital role in keeping children engaged, with 37% saying that fast, reliable Internet connections are now more important than ever.

However, although many parents have lost the language of the game, this has not diminished their enthusiasm for participating in the game. One-third (32%) said that they like playing video games with children because it is a good way to combine; and more than one-quarter (26%) want to join, but they Not willing to play. One in ten (11%) even admitted that they tried to use game language in front of their children, which looked cool.

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Although the game dictionary is very extensive, it seems that certain phrases cause more confusion than others. In British families, the five most commonly heard game languages ​​are:

  1. N00b/noob (34%) – novice or inexperienced players
  2. Robots (31%)-a very bad player compared to a very bad computer controlled player
  3. Lag (27%)-When the game is slow or malfunctions due to poor network connection
  4. Nerf (27%)-When the game developer weakens the weapon due to the use of many players,
  5. Turn face (22%)-easily defeat the opponent

Game reporter and TalkTalk ambassador, Ellie Gibson, sympathizes with parents who are struggling to understand game language: “As a parent, I understand that the game world can be daunting, but it’s worth learning jargon and participating in it because it’s a lot of fun. Games are children’s growth. It’s an important part of the game, and the game brings many benefits together. This is a good way to connect. The happiest memories of my sons and I come from playing games together. A fast and reliable Internet connection helps make the game session run smoothly. If you can, you can also help me beat my nine-year-old at Mario Kart.”

This is why TalkTalk has partnered with Ellie and professional gamer Ali-A (their gaming YouTube channel has more than 17 million subscribers) to help parents understand the language of the game.

Ali-A said: “One of the things I like most about the gaming community is its never-ending ability to come up with new words or phrases for all aspects of gameplay. Although it may seem intimidating, the game is very friendly. I encourage every parent to try it out. Finding new ways to connect online has never been so important. I like to work with the connection provider TalkTalk to help parents understand the language of games.”

Gary Steen, Managing Director of TalkTalk Technology, said: “Although online games have become more and more popular over a period of time, 2020 has reached new heights.”

“Fast, reliable connections are more important than ever, which is why we are investing in new technologies to provide faster speeds to houses across the country. Our network is designed to handle absolute peak traffic, which means So even if you don’t have the same confidence in the ability to understand the accompanying language, you can have confidence in the connection during the game.”

The ten most frequently heard game words in British families:

More information about TalkTalk Fiber Broadband: www.talktalk.co.uk/shop/broadband/fibre


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