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Sedgwick County Zoo’s Profitable Custom Wristbands | Instant News

Today’s Fashion Forward Tuesday got a little excited when Tawnya took Jennica King to a party to help share an important announcement with our #GDK viewers! Jennica together Sedgwick County Zoo and join us today to help spread the word that the zoo needs our little help!

Unfortunately like many other nonprofits, zoos have had to cancel all of their events this year including their biggest fundraiser, Zoobilee. Funds raised from Zoobilee help keep zoo staff and animals happy and healthy and of course doors open for the public to enjoy.

Sweet Tawnya and the K Lanes family wanted to do their part and help how and what else they would do besides designing a zoo themed bracelet set and donate a portion of every sale directly to the zoo! Tawnya worked with Ermish to design a multi band bracelet set including the many animals we had the opportunity to visit at the zoo. There is everything from lions, elephants, leopards, and more all in gold, complemented by just the right amount of gorgeous sparkles and beads.

This is just one of the ways K Lanes gives back and collaborates with the community. You can help and rock this Exclusive zoo themed bracelet set! Find in the store or check their website and social media pages to buy!


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