The hashtag BlackLivesMatter was taken over by a blank picture on Instagram | Instant News

Activists have urged people and brands who support the Black Lives Matter movement to stop flooding the movement hashtags online with blank images from the Blackout Tuesday campaign.

Thousands of celebrities, companies and other supporters have posted black boxes on social media to support protests in the US for the death of George Floyd inadvertently filled out the search for “Black Lives Matter” with blank pictures, activists warned.

On Instagram, when users search for posts for the Black Lives Matter, they are now found by blackened picture walls or even black screens, which activists say are hiding pictures and news about ongoing protests.

“You really posted an empty black box and suppressed important information that needs to be seen by the country and the world in the midst of the uprising,” wrote a Twitter user.

“This is counterproductive. Please understand what you are doing before doing it. Strengthen the black voices WITHOUT silencing the movements, “wrote another.

The campaign has called on supporters to use the hashtags “Blackout Tuesday” on Instagram and Twitter to avoid excessive searches for Black Lives Matter posts.

“We know that it is not an intention to hurt but to be honest, this basically does not endanger the message. We use hashtags to get people updated. Please stop using hashtags for black images,” wrote Kenidra Woods, a St. Louis activist.


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