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Most of the time, Facebook users struggle to hurry up and delete some of their posts that they find embarrassing after a review and re-reading round. However, before they do, some of their online friends might have seen it.

To fight for it, Facebook, on Tuesday, June 2, announced its newest feature known as “Manage Activities,” which allows users to delete or archive these embarrassing posts more easily, Verge reported.

With this new feature, they will be able to clean their images online, and still look great in front of their virtual friends. This eliminates the laborious effort to delete these posts one by one.

The logic is simple: deleting a group of posts will delete this from your timeline. Meanwhile, their archiving allows you to access this post, but no one else wants.

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This new feature allows Facebook users to clean their posts more easily.

Embarrassing post

There are online listicles that review these embarrassing posts from Facebook users – of course, removing their names. Even the television host Ellen Degeneres displays this type of post on the show.

The new feature will allow users to review and reorganize this post. Then, they can also filter by date, tag friends or people, post types, and more categories. Here’s the Facebook statement from a blog post:

“Whether you enter the job market after graduating from college or move away from a long-standing relationship, we know that things have changed in people’s lives, and we want to make it easier for you to manage your presence on Facebook.”

Particular problem

There have been several updates on Facebook since its first launch. But this does not happen without problems that challenge the existence of platforms. Maybe no one can imagine life without this social networking site, right?

There are privacy and identity issues, with some even reaching high courts. For example, in 2014, a new Facebook feature that allowed users to look for older posts criticized reminding, saying that this could reveal embarrassing posts that had been shared that had been previously shared.

The old way to delete this is to go to the Activity Log, and manually change the audience. Now, with new features, everything works very easily.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg once noted, “One of the challenges in building social tools is a ‘permanent’ problem. When we build large collections of messages and photos from time to time, they can become both liabilities and assets.”

More Facebook updates

Work to improve the way Facebook users utilize the platform continues. Even though this is a celebration for many people, including a Facebook page, the road is far from reaching perfection. The report also notes how Gmail activated related features about a decade ago. Meanwhile, Twitter still lacks this type of feature. Users must enable Twitter plug-ins to make this kind of feature work.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg was strong in his stand to let President A. Donald Trump threaten violence against protesters on social networking platforms, despite criticism saying this must be controlled. Activists and civil rights groups in one push and urge Facebook CEO to pay attention and make special changes.

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