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With the disappointing market performance of the Galaxy S20 series and the uncertainty looming over expensive smartphones this year, it’s only natural that interest in Samsung’s next big flagship is quite large. Based on recent leaks, it seems that Samsung might really reduce the scale of the advantages it makes on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but, as is the case with such a retreat, there may be features that go down along the way.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is Samsung’s most expensive “regular” smartphone that came at a time when the entire world economy was in turmoil. The price is partly due to the large number of features, some of which are considered excessive. That is especially evident in cameras where the Galaxy S20 Ultra is still higher than a cheaper cellphone than all the features.

There is a whisper about Samsung that reduces some of it, especially with 100X Space Zoom which is too popular and a bit excessive. According to the latest word from the Ice universe, Galaxy Note 20+ will be limited to a maximum of 50X (maybe “Sky”) zoom.

However, one other change might not be fully considered as added value. The same source said that the 3D Time-of-Flight sensor will be replaced by a laser autofocus sensor. That will definitely help in AF, an area where Samsung phones are a little difficult, but that could also mean the Galaxy Note 20+ could have lower performance in bokeh simulation, a.k.a portrait mode.

The good news is, besides that, the Galaxy Note 20+ will still have the same 108 megapixels that Samsung ISOCELL HM1 introduced this year. There is also a the latest sighting The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, in a Bluetooth certification document, suggests there may be three cellphones to choose from again in a few months.

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