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Get rid of Android 11 Developer Preview seems to be avoided if your device is already running June security patch that Google has just pushed.

In a post on the Android Developers website, Google has change the guide about applying OTA images with warnings. In that warning, it states that users cannot sideload Android 11 DP4.

The fourth developer preview is the latest preview released by Google. And even though you shouldn’t sideload the preview, Google says you can flash the image. So you can still have it on your device if you want to run it.

If you are running the June patch, flash an Android 11 DP4 image from the download page

As noted, Google says there is a safe way to install the fourth developer preview.

You can still take pictures from the download page and follow the steps to complete the installation. The main difference here is if you install a factory image. If you flash a factory image, everything on your phone will be deleted.

If you sideload OTA images, you don’t need to do a factory reset. So there is a point. You can’t update from the 10 June Android patch until the fourth developer preview without removing your phone.

If you don’t want to delete, then you just want to wait for the official beta release of Android 11.

Google has not set a date for launch first beta after pushing it back. But that is wrong leak out to multiple users. So there are people who have already installed it.

Google hasn’t said what the problem is with OTA images

In Google’s warning, it’s not explained in any detail why users should avoid marginalizing Android 11 DP4.

It only says that the image on the OTA page will not work if you run the June security patch. Google also did not mention whether they will solve the problem and improve the ability to do sideload.

Presumably, it wants users to be able to apply images without having to do a factory reset. But again, Android 11 beta will be out soon. So maybe not see anything.

If you are not running the latest security patch on your cellphone, then you should have no difficulty at all to override OTA images. And because the June patch just came out, many users probably haven’t installed it yet.

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