Eros brings Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology to Indian films: Report | Instant News

Film and distribution company Eros has been tied to the American video game and software company Epic Games to bring the latest “Unreal Engine” technology to Indian film. Epic Games, known as the viral Fortnite game, will offer advanced technologies such as real-time rendering, and better VFX and virtual production, report Gadget360.

Epic Games ‘‘ Unreal Engine ’which was originally intended for video games has now branched out into various categories. Game developers have partnered with several film studios in the past such as Lucasfilm for the Star Wars series, and Lionsgate for John Wick 3, adding the report.

The announcement came a few days after Epic Games launched their latest Unreal Engine Iteration 5. This new version aims to make the virtual world more like the real world and enhance small details in fast-moving scenes. Unreal Engine 5 will be available for preview in early 2021 and will be fully released in late 2021.

“A number of teams and technologies have gathered to enable this leap in quality. To build large scenes with Nanite geometry technology, the team used many Quixel Megascans libraries, which provide film-quality objects of up to hundreds of millions of polygons, “Epic Games said when explaining the new technology.


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