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Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast revealed that Teferi, today’s Master of Time, is new Magic Association including planeswalker card Core Set 2021.

Teferi is his face M21 set, similar to how Chandra is M20. And his new planeswalker card, Teferi, Master of Time, made him bend the rules like never before Magic. Able to activate its abilities with Instant speed, the new Teferi will change the way pedestrians work Magic forever and ever.

M21 Teferi Master of Time MTG
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering
  • CMC: 4 (2U)
  • Title: Legendary aircraft hiker
  • Starting Loyalty: Three
  • Static Ability: “You can activate Teferi’s loyalty ability, Master of Time at any player’s turn when you are about to give Instant.”
  • Plus-one ability: “Draw a card, then discard the card.”
  • Minus three abilities: “Your target creature does not control the exit phase (treat it and anything attached to it as if they did not exist until the next controlling turn).”
  • Minus-ten ability: “Take two extra rounds after this one.”

Illustrated by Yongjae Choi, Teferi’s image shows him a distorted time, which is exactly what a traveling plane would cross many Magic format. A player can basically activate Teferi, Master of Time twice (one per turn per player) per round in Standard. But in Commander, with five players at the table, Teferi can be activated up to five times if he stays on the battlefield. With an initial loyalty of three, Teferi can have a loyalty count of eight after one round.

The ability of Teferi minus three isn’t very good but the other two abilities are strong. The plus-one makes it possible to draw cards on each player’s turn and the ultimate Teferi can easily end the match by allowing the controller to basically take three consecutive rounds.

Teferi, Time Master and M21 The set has a digital release date of June 25 and the official launch takes place on July 4th.

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