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Both Batman: Dark Tomorrow and Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker are considered as terrible games that do not do Dark Knight justice.

Batman has countless video games, the latest and most well-received that Arkham series the game that he displayed on. Almost all Arkham The game has been well received and even the worst in this series is still considered a well-made game, if not downgrade from its predecessor.

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This does not mean that all the games are considered good, but there are two names that are included in the list of bad Batman games. We will discuss which game is the worst among Batman Batman: Dark Tomorrow and Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker.

10 Batman: Dark Tomorrow – Terrible Stealth

The best Batman game integrating stealth somewhere. Considering how important the demon associated with Batman’s character should not surprise anyone. The problem is stealth can be very difficult to do well in video games, especially in 2003 when the game was released. Problems with stealth in Batman: Dark Tomorrow is that it is an integral part of the game and the requirements in certain parts, which only serves to highlight how terrible it is.

9 Batman Beyond – Bad Animation

That Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker the game was released all the way back at the turn of the millennium in 2000 for PlayStation, N64 and Game Boy. Most were willing to forgive bad graphics by writing it as a product at the time but the animation and character models of the game were bad even back when it was released.

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The character model is odd for that moment and it says something and the movements of the character are sticky and have less impact on their attacks.

8 Batman: Dark Tomorrow – Bad Control

On top of quietly the game is not done well, Batman: Dark Tomorrow have some very bad controls to make it worse. The first problem comes with game controller mapping. You will use a square button on the original Xbox controller because all gadgets are mapped to that button. Controls are also rigid with Batman sometimes taking time to make certain moves, such as stealth removal which decides whether to work or not.

7 Batman Beyond – Bad Cutscenes

For some reason, most likely a lack of proper development time is very common with film ties in the game, all the cut scenes in the game are just classic texts and portraits of characters who speak next to them.

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This cutscene looks terrible and there is absolutely no surprising dialogue because it is very likely that the development team will have access to at least some of the dialogue that goes into the actual film. For whatever reason, these scenes are more or less just slides that are not visually appealing.

6 Batman: Dark Tomorrow – Slow Gameplay

As we mentioned before, most of it Batman: Dark Tomorrow’s Gameplay focuses on stealth gameplay, which is not the best. This causes the gameplay to be very slow, because most parts require stealth at some point and for stealth, you need to move at a very slow speed to not notify the enemy at your location. This is made worse by how close you have to be to enemies to do stealth takedowns, this combined with the need to move at slow speeds makes this one of the slowest Batman games.

5 Batman Beyond – Movie Tie-In Game

Movies and video games don’t seem to be suitable for most of the time because we all know how most movies based on video games appear but most of the movies that turn into video games are also not very good. There used to be more movie ties in the game, but now it seems that people already know how bad they usually are and stop buying it, so game developers have stopped making them. The Return Of The Joker is the same as every other film in the game, which is done poorly beat them.

4 Batman: Dark Tomorrow – Weird Camera

Game shooting is perhaps one of the most underrated video game designs. A good camera is the only requirement for making decent games, but the thing about a good camera is that you rarely hear it getting attention but a bad camera will soon be noticed and talked about. Incoming camera Batman: Dark Tomorrow is a strange combination of fixed and moving cameras where it is fixed at a certain location but will move in the direction of when Batman moving, it changes location too often.

3 Batman Beyond – Boring Level Design

Level design is another aspect of underrated game design that rarely gets love when it’s done well but if done poorly then you will never hear the end. In Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker, the level design is really boring and basic, to the point that when the game is in 3D and can move on a 3-dimensional plane, its level design makes the game feel like being in 2D as you do from left to right against enemies with a few jumps to a different location.

2 Batman: Dark Tomorrow – Useless Grapple Bat

Batgrapple is perhaps the most iconic tool that Batman has in his utility belt. Every time you see Batman You expect him to use Batgrapple in a number of ways and developers Batman: Dark Tomorrow know this and integrate it into their game, or at least they try. Batgrapple is very difficult to control, first it’s hard to find a place to use it and when you are able and you try to swing it, you can’t because halfway you will hit an invisible wall that stops your momentum.

1 Batman Beyond – Overpowered Suit

For many gamers, the fun they get from the game comes from overcoming difficult challenges. This is why games like it Dark souls there is because the feeling that you get from beating a game that is very difficult cannot be justified, but that is something you will not get from this game. The game is different suit You can choose between different abilities but there is no reason to choose a setting other than defense, because it gives you a shield that is able to defeat most enemies in 2 to 3 hits.

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