Handball 21 arrives on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in November this year with major animations, AI | Instant News

Nacon showed the first trailer for Handball 21upcoming annual ascent from the IVF program for home consoles and PC. The game series is supported by Nacon (formerly known as Bigben interactive) who the last couple of years trying to eke out a market in neglected or abandoned alternative sports genre; the IVF program was more than ready to take the opportunity to gradually improve and develop under the guidance of Nacon for.

ECO is also responsible for Rugby game what Nacon manufactures, the latest of which was launched in January this year For Xbox One PS4 and PC.

Like Handball 21you can check out the brief snippet of gameplay with the announcement teaser below to get a General idea of what to expect from the upcoming game.

Although the trailer is not very hunched when he came to outlining the content, in a press release delved a little in the direction of the development of things shows that it’s been four years since the last Handball exiting the IVF, and then Bigben interactive. While the developers are working on improving gameplay and performance optimization.

While the main visual elements are not the most epochal moment in the market, they completely redo all of the player animations and an overhaul of the AI to be more aggressive and behaviorally realistic.

New defensive tactics, custom playsets and passing options have also been included, allowing for more tactical alternatives of the game offer gamers.

There are also more than 1,600 licensed players, which will appear in the game, along with the ability to play solo with an all-new mode, League, or hold a competition for players in online or offline modes.

On paper it seems decent, medium budget despite the fact that handball for gamers. We’ll see if he actually plays, as well as the press release makes it out to be.

You can learn more by visiting official website Nacon. Handball 21 due out November this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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