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CurveLondon trading, that is, the regrouping of various financial products, allowing you to consolidate all your credit cards in one card and app in partnership with Samsung in the UK to power its upcoming debit card, which is scheduled to launch at the end of this year.

The name “Samsung to pay with the card” — and, obviously, betting on Samsung to better compete with Apple Wallet and Apple own credit card start — product, which is called a digital payment solution that will give Samsung customers “greater flexibility and control when managing their finances, offering a single view of costs, and at the same time the simplest and secure way to pay”. As a direct offering of the Curve, it also promises the opportunity to “synchronizing multiple loyalty and Bank cards in one place” to create the authentic atmosphere of the e-wallet.

In particular, at one point in the press release, the product is referred to as pay cards Samsung is “working on curve”, indicating the degree of co-branding, too. If you look closely at the product has, it seems, once you have registered for Samsung to pay by card and added to Samsung wallet to pay, there is a link to take you through to the curve “over-the-top-Bank platform” the app to access the full feature set. This is speculation on my part, but it’s safe to assume, of course, points in this direction and makes a ton of sense (see below).

“We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the curve, gather together to introduce new payment solution for Samsung customers, which will be available through Samsung to pay at the end of this year,” says Conor pierce, corporate Vice President of Samsung UK and Ireland, in a statement.

“At Samsung, our customers are at the centre of everything we do, so we strive to create the best technology, services and solutions. Payment cards Samsung is working on a curve will allow us to expand our Samsung to pay offer, providing our loyal customers even more advantages and benefits than ever before.”

Adds Shahar Bialick, founder and CEO of curve: “we are delighted to be able to offer Curve unique benefits to clients of one of the world’s largest brands and allow customers to access a much greater range of banking services, leading to a healthier financial life with Samsung pay.”

Why pay card Samsung is working on a curve can be a win-win

TL;Dr: the two companies have previous form after added curve in November, support Samsung to pay in the UK, making it easier for owners of Samsung smartphone to pay with your mobile phone, regardless who they Bank. Samsung to pay struggling to get the banking relationships necessary to make it anything like a ubiquitous payment option. However, the curve deftly avoids this with your Curve MasterCard debit card that supports Samsung Pay and therefore, any credit card attached to a Curve too.

As I wrote when it was announced to pay child support Curve Samsungit is very important for customers Samsung for lack of payment support Samsung from many major banks, which prefer to build support for NFC is payments into their banking applications. Unlike Apple, which tightly controls the technology in the iPhone NFC and so perhaps forcing banks to work with them in NFC Tech to Samsung and other Android phones can be made available to third party developers. This means that there is less incentive for banks to maintain a competing NFC applications, including digital wallets, such as Samsung to pay (or Google pay, for that matter).

Curve-top-banking platform — including through a payment card Samsung is working on a curve — this closes the loop, essentially a supercharged Samsung to pay without the need for Samsung to banking partnerships.

Of course, in addition, Samsung card to pay in the UK immediately looks more innovative than credit card fine (à La carte Apple or Samsung upcoming debit card USA), benefiting from a unique and more useful set of functions that the curve was painstakingly built over the past few years. They include the same expense cards, which depends entirely on Where your money is stored, and things like instant hold notification, cheaper fees FX than your Bank would normally charge, peer-to-peer payments from any Bank account, and the ability to switch sources of payment retroactively.

Finally, on the curve itself the advantage is more obvious. Samsung, as one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world, can help give offer curve major shot in the arm and make sure he gets in the lane a new massive user. He feels it is particularly important for trading that is doing something really new, but whose product may seem quite abstract until you actually start to use it on a daily basis.

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