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Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV’s large-plant subscription has been cut off from coronavirus lockdown around the world.

Final Fantasy XIV update is currently stopped due to coronavirus interference. Game director Naoki Yoshida confirmed that the planned 5.3 MMORPG patch had been postponed because teams throughout the game world were quarantined against the COVID-19 spread. Yoshida explained that everything from QA testing, voice acting, and of course animation and asset generation had been affected when workers were stuck at home.

Yoshida insisted the update was still to come, but that it would not meet the launch date in early June – it could be delayed for up to a month. The team is currently launching server maintenance from their home, so don’t worry, you won’t be left behind.

Based on interview from February 2020The 5.3 Final Fantasy XIV update patch, which is great, will conclude the Shadowbringers arc story while introducing “new type of lifestyle content” to gamers. That will not include a new ending.

FFXIV relies heavily on our QA development and partners throughout the world, and at this point, we must accept that the situation will greatly affect our development schedule. The reasons for this are:

  • Delay in delivery of graphic assets due to locking cities in East Asia, North America and Europe.
  • Voice recording is delayed due to locking cities in Europe.
  • Delay in development work undertaken by Tokyo staff due to work-from-home / residence limitations.
  • Production and QA teams operate far below normal capacity due to limited work-from-home / residence.

While it is clear that patch 5.3, which is planned for mid-June, will be postponed due to the above, we are currently doubtful whether it will be appropriate to limit the delay to two or three weeks, or if it will be closer to a month.


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