When all the hype about the recently released Mi Band 5 was complete, Xiaomi shared a tweet saying that Mi Smart Band 4 has become the world’s best-selling wearable wristband. This is a great achievement for the company, which has subverted the market with its amazing price-performance products (suitable for smartphones, wearable devices, Internet of Things, laptops, etc.).

Xiaomi’s wearable devices and Mi Band series played an important role in it, and soon won people’s attention. No one can deny its market share in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and other South Asian countries and its mother country China. The Mi Band series is popular among those who need low-precision precision fitness trackers. Mi Band 4 and its color AMOLED display have changed the way Xiaomi plays.

Through a series of new functions and tracking activities, the Mi Band series quickly spread around the world. According to analysis company Canalys, Mi Smart Band 4 has now become the world’s best-selling wearable band. Xiaomi shipped a lot between the third quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020, which helped it top the list.

The success story of Xiaomi in wearable devices is encouraging, because it took Xiaomi Bracelet 2 nearly two months to achieve millions of sales, while Xiaomi Bracelet 3 took only 17 days. For the most successful Mi Band 4, due to the large audience of India, China and other South Asian countries, it reached the million mark in just 8 days.

Although Xiaomi does face a lot of resistance in the form of Huawei Band 4, Honor Band 5 or Fitbit Inspire HR, none can be compared with Xiaomi’s sales. Mi Band 4’s simple customization options and features help it win such a large audience globally and in newer versions Xiaomi Band 5It is expected to break into the global market soon, and it will set a record like its predecessors.

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