Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and billionaire owner, recently introduced more information about his upcoming project, Neuralink Brain Chip. It is said that this brain implant can train or even cure brain cells in depression and addiction. It works as follows.

How to deal with depression?

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Musk said Elon Musk’s “horror” mini brain chip cured depression and addiction

Insanity is a disease that cannot be cured through drug intake. There are treatments, but the patient cannot completely cure the brain disease. Brain complications such as depression or addiction are the most prevalent diseases in the United States, especially since blockade.

Billionaire Elon Musk, howeverSuggested solutions for these diseases-brain implants. A startup called Neuralink, founded by Musk, was founded in 2016. The company has been manufacturing micro-brain chips similar to “sewing machines”. equipment. This brain chip can connect the human brain to a computer.

Its clear purpose is to provide humans with more advanced artificial intelligence technology. There are currently no clues as to what exactly the main products of Neuralink are. Until Musk himself was asked on Twitter.

On Thursday, July 9, the billionaire was asked about the benefits of using brain chips-more specifically for mental disorders. He said with confidence that the brain chip will cure the human depression or addiction needed.

“Can Neuralink be used to retrain parts of the brain that cause addiction or depression? If Neuralink can be used for things like addiction/depression, that would be great,” Pranay Pathole asked on Twitter.

Musk replied: “It is sure. This is both great and terrible. Everything we ever felt or thought of was an electrical signal. The early universe was just a soup of quarks and leptons. How did a small universe start to think that it was Affectionate?”

How will the brain chip work?

Musk said Elon Musk's

(Photo: Robina Weermeijer’s photo on “Unsplash”)
Musk said Elon Musk’s “horror” mini brain chip cured depression and addiction

according to Technology crunch Elon Musk’s brain chip can be processed by a surgical robot that implants thin wires into the human brain.

Once it enters the brain, it will connect to an external computer processing unit and establish a wireless connection with the computer and the human brain.

Basically, people call brain chips as the medium, making future people robots.

The Royal Society’s research also conducted the same research on reading thinking communication. In a 2019 report, experts explained the human-machine interface.

The report says: “People can become telepathic to some extent, and not only can’t speak or to speak by communicating with each other at the conceptual level.” “Not only thoughts but also sensory experiences can be communicated between the brains. People on vacation “Neural postcards” of what they see, hear or taste can be transferred to the minds of friends at home.”

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