Epic Games Store has launched three game giveaways in the digital distribution store: cooperative shooting game Killing Floor 2, space platform game Lifeless Planet and pixel RPG The Escapists2. The event will continue until July 16.

Kill floor 2 It is the sequel of the cooperative shooting game, in which six players must fight the mutant.

The game took place one month after the first part took place and was held in Europe. Users must go to hotspots for infected mutants to destroy them.

Killing Floor 2 has several game modes. For example, in survival mode, the player must eliminate several waves of mutants and then fight the leader. In survival mode, one team serves the people, and the second team controls the mutants.

Lifeless planet He is an independent platform game developer and has created a personal developer David Board in the past three years.

The game is about a group of astronauts crashing when they land on an uninhabited planet. There is only one surviving crew member. He was sent to investigate the area to understand where he lived. Soon, the hero discovered that Soviet astronauts visited the planet.

Escape from reality 2 Is the sequel to the top view role-playing game. In “Escape from Reality” 2, the player plays the role of a prisoner who needs to escape from prison.

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Heroes can create or steal various items that help escape. Moreover, characters can interact with other prisoners and perform their tasks to improve their attitude towards themselves and earn money in the game. There are two modes of cooperation among evaders.

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