Sealed early copy Super mario bros For NES Transaction price $ 114,000 At the Heritage Auctions auction house of experts on Friday, a new record for personal video game sales was set.

Online auctions exceed $100,000 “labeled seal” sale Super mario bros Early last year. At the time, the seller behind the $100,000 version Tell Ars, “In the long run, this may be the wrong move.”

In terms of context, Guinness World Records certifies the world’s largest collection of video games Sold for $750,000 at auction in 2014. The collection contains more than 11,000 games, including more than 8,300 games in the original box.

Why is it so valuable?

Heritage Auctions video game expert and consignment director Valarie McLeckie once helped host the record sale, he told Ars that the “3-yard variant” Super mario bros It can be traced back to mid-1987. This makes it “easier to find” than the earliest beta market version of the game in late 1985 and early 1986, which was only sealed with small round Nintendo stickers (earlier $100,000 sales from this earliest batch). This also means that it is not the earliest shrink-wrapped game dating back to mid-1986.

Nevertheless, the truth is a copy of this game Cardboard hook with shrinkable packaging, “Speak a certain year”, making it a rare category. “I would doubt the sealed cardboard hangtab copy [still available today] The number is represented by one digit. “McLicky said.

Remaining copies are in good condition and can be earned Wata game A very large number of 9.4 certification levels are even rarer. “Especially in this grade, this is an impressive piece of work,” McCleich said.

“Strangely, plastic wrap was added before changing the box cutting die to remove the cardboard hanging piece,” the Heritage Auction website pointed out. “This makes the function of the cardboard hanging piece completely useless because it is under a plastic seal.”

“Considering that the game was printed from the late 85s to the early 90s, [mid-‘80s] There were few copies of hangtab on cardboard until the late 1990s, and they were far from each other. McLeckie told Ars. “Most of these early versions have been purchased and opened because they are closer to the time the game is released.” “

Although Heritage protected sellers’ anonymity at the seller’s request, McLeckie stated that this super-value copy of the game was “a hobby from collectors,” she described as “very curious…a loft-style scene”. McLeckie said she suspected it was just a “buy” [in 1987] Put it somewhere and forget that the person who owns it is very lucky and can keep it in a safe space. “

“When I told [the seller] What they actually have is that I want to be conservative when giving an estimate, and don’t give false hope,” McLicky continued. But then there was a sealed copy of hangtab Super mario bros Price $ 40,200 Although the Wata score is only 8.0. “So… I was thinking,’Well, if it was sold at 8.0, then I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sold at 6.0.’ But I tried not to expect it actively.”

Are we in a classic game pricing bubble?

Friday’s record sales are a continuation of this trend, and the sales prices of certain sealed games have risen sharply and rapidly in recent months. Especially for NES games, its sales price has recently risen. Stamped copy Mike Tyson’s punches and kicks! Recently sold for over $50,000, E.g. Later games of the system have also been heavily bid. Early stamped copy of God of war For PS2 Price $2,640.

This represents a shift from the early game collection, when the ultra-rare game variant Nintendo World Championships with Stadium events Often demand the highest price. Now, instead, “According to what we have seen, [collectors] They tend to attract their favorite things to their favorite things when they were young. “McLicky said. This means sealing (usually mass-produced) copies of famous games under top quality conditions that are difficult to find.

“Now, what people seek to add to their collections has changed,” McLeckie continued. In the early days of game collection, when the grading conditions were not the point, “People are more likely to find things that resonate with children. Then they continue to the next step. People want to complete the system setup. From this perspective, people will look for some games and Not other games. The rarity factor plays a bigger role than it has recently. If I’m not surprised [rarity] Back to the importance of the future. “

With the rapid increase in the price of sealed games, some collectors and observers have seen the beginning of the market bubble, and hope that the price will eventually fall back to a more reasonable level. But McLicky disagreed.

She said: “I fully believe that this is as collectible as comics.” “We are just beginning to get involved in the formalization of this market. In general, people are just beginning to realize that there is a system based on rarity.”

She continued: “Things will change with time.” “Where we see fluctuations, only time will prove everything. [But] I fully believe in the strength of this market. Video games have been consolidated as an important part of popular culture, and we all like to celebrate the start of our favorite pastime. I have no doubt that people will continue to do so. “

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