Tim Cook predicts Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that overlays digital graphics into the real world, usually a smartphone or tablet. In 2016, Apple’s CEO even stated that one day it will look like “Eat three meals a day.”

After skipping four years, there were a lot of rumors and leaks, and Apple tried to enter AR games-especially through the lens of a new type of glasses (allegedly Apple Glass).

The most public failure in the AR glasses idea originated from Google in 2014. However, in its additional 9 years, coupled with the lessons of Google’s failed augmented reality experiment, Apple may just be a fighting opportunity to bring glasses to consumers. Mainstream for the first time.

What functions will Apple Glass have?

Consider using Apple Glass as a companion to the iPhone. In some cases, the smartphone is already the second screen, so the glasses may be regarded as your third screen, which can pass the information in the phone to your eyes.

According to one Bloomberg report, The lens will have a holographic display. Through these lenses, Apple Glass can display anything in the wearer’s field of view, including text, email, maps, or games.

many report It is recommended that Apple is considering creating a completely independent App Store for the headset, and a special operating system that may be called glassOS. This is consistent with Apple Watch and watchOS and Apple TV and tvOS.

Then there are two apples patent Starting in June, this implies that the company is developing an optical vision correction system, which means that smart glasses will no longer require prescription lenses or contact lenses. The system will solve all problems from astigmatism to hyperopia and myopia. Apple Patent, It first discovered the patent.

What are the specifications?


Short version: no one knows. But gear review site Tom’s Guide Have done some Measurement Based on the most advanced smart glasses, such as Microsoft’s Hololens2. On the one hand, their field of view is at least the same as Hololens 2, and they have a 52-degree field of view and a resolution of 47 pixels/inch.

If Apple Glass plans to pursue true augmented reality, instead of simply displaying floating 2D notifications in the lens, it may require some connection with the iPhone. In this way, the iPhone can perform actual video processing, thereby minimizing the on-board calculation of the glasses themselves, just like the earlier models of Apple Watch.

The iPhone can send 3D images back to the lens at a high frame rate per second. Bluetooth is meaningless in that situation because these bandwidths are too high to handle.

If Apple wants to keep pace with HoloLens 2 or Magic Leap 1, the battery life should be at least three hours. Apple has always been able to extend battery life through a special glasses charging box, similar to what the company does on AirPods, thereby extending battery life to a certain extent.

What will they look like?

Apple Glass may look like a mockup

iDrop News / Martin Hajek

according to Tom’s Guide, Apple Glass’s marketing materials show that this kind of glasses will emit a kind of Clark Kent-like atmosphere, But the prototype reportedly looks like a pair of “not scary” plastic frames.

is having a Lidar scanner On the right, it is most likely to help you scan your surroundings to overlay 3D images in a realistic manner, but so far, there is no camera (thank you).

Obviously, there are no plans to make Apple Glass of various colors available for the first time, so if you want to wear transition mirrors or prescription sunglasses, you have to wait longer. But like the iPhone, we have reason to believe that as time goes by, you will see more options.

When will they launch?

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This answer is a bit mysterious. Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s highly regarded leaker, recently Tweet He does not believe that Apple Glass will be launched at the company’s September event. Instead, he believes they will be launched in 2022.

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but Jon Prosser Another expert Apple leaker, who has many correct predictions, said that Apple Glass should arrive in 2021. He believes that Apple Glass will announce the product before the actual shipment, and its earliest style is similar to the Apple Watch.

However, based on Introduction Displayed inside Apple and leaked to News with Bloomberg These materials set a release date of 2023. To make a long story short, no one really knows when Apple Glass will be launched, but it is likely to be launched in the next three years.

How much do they cost?

Four pairs of Apple glass prototypes


According to Prosser, the glasses were priced at $499 at the time of release, plus the price of any other prescriptions that the optical system must consider. This is much cheaper than Microsoft’s Hololens 2 $ 3,500. The low price may be related to the fact that no on-board computer is needed, and the iPhone can handle it.

What about competitors?

At present, the main competitors in the field of smart glasses include Magic Leap 1, Snap glasses, According to reports, is currently developing a new pair of Facebook glasses, Google Glass (Glasses are mainly used in enterprises) and Hololens 2.

Amazon is obviously also in competition, and is developing a Echo frame, Currently in beta. They use Alexa voice assistants to provide you with information, but they don’t seem to rely on any holographic lens or augmented reality.

So far, no commercially available glasses have become a best-selling product, but Apple may change this situation and make smart glasses a new product category. After all, the company tends to take a more conservative approach to product launches, usually introducing technologies that other companies have pursued, but the design will be more stylish and elegant.

In addition, there are many loyal brand enthusiasts who are ready to snap up the product yesterday to no avail.

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