Assassin’s Creed: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest game in Ubisoft’s long-standing Assassin’s Creed series and the first game in the “Assassin’s Creed” series. PS5 with Xbox Series X. Even so, Valhalla is a familiar experience, based at least on the three-hour demo I played last week. Like “Origin” and “Odyssey”, Valhalla has a huge world with customizable protagonists, more open than the early Assassin’s Creed entries. However, Valhalla also feels more streamlined than its predecessor, and the theme of the story is more ambitious.

I don’t know if Valhalla will solve it Every problem I have encountered in the last two games, But I do know that I will not be bored in a long presentation, and I will be happy to play for a longer time. This is what I really like about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and it still makes me stop.

Deep Combat System

If the critics never reach a consensus, it is the combat system in Assassin’s Creed. The earlier entry is too simple. Subsequent entries are too repeated. Or, earlier entries are clean and streamlined; later entries are customizable.

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No matter what you think, compared to the early games, Valhalla is closer to Origins and Odyssey. You can equip all kinds of weapons, from axe to spear to even fl, as well as light or heavy attacks on the enemy. Most enemies have shields and will stop your attack until you break the alert. Multiple enemies will attack at the same time, which means that the battle is a delicate balance between defense and attack.

First, the battle is bloody. You play Eivor, a Viking warrior, and have no mercy on the enemies of him (or her; you can choose Eivor’s gender), especially if you rely on heavy hits. During my demonstration, he cut off his limbs, separating the enemy from their heads, and sometimes just stepped on them and forgot. Even according to the bloody standards of Origin and Odyssey, the battle is brutal in Valhalla. How much you will enjoy depends on your own preferences. I thought it was cool at first, and it was cool again in the third hour.

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Nonetheless, I had a great time trying out all the different weapons, especially because you can now use both. Guarding against enemy attacks is more important than ever, because this is usually the only way to open to attacks. Compared with previous games, breaking the enemy’s shield is also more intuitive, which helps to simplify the battle. In most missions, I did not encounter too many enemies, mainly ordinary British soldiers, but some of them had shields and some were spears, so I had to change the tactics a little bit.

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I also have to try several boss fights, which all feel quite difficult. One of them is against Black Shuk: a legendary animal that requires a lot of parry and continuous treatment. Valhalla is no longer healthy, which means you will have to find food around the world and save excess food as a restorative ration. The treatment on the clue can save lives, but it also means that in difficult battles, health is a very limited resource.

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Two of them are directed against Cordelia and Reagan, and you might recognize them as the daughters of the semi-fictional King Lear. Each daughter uses hallucinogenic drugs to persuade Eivor, who is fighting a skull-faced, waving demon, unlike the mythical creatures in Origin and Odyssey. Parry and evasion are key, but you can no longer evade indefinitely in Valhalla. If you run out of dodge stamina, it will take a while to regain vitality, making parry more important than ever.

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