Season 3 of Fortnite adds many new movement mechanisms – cars, Pepper and Even looting sharks. But are they all effective? A player breaks the statistics, so when it’s your turn, you won’t get stuck.

Therefore, you have been fascinated by Steamy, and the area seems to have failed in Misty Meadows. You have taken too long to plunder and need a way to get rid of the storm.

Although most people will immediately look for a boat or Choppa, there are other options for you to use in Season 3. The whirlpool gives you the option to slide along the map. Swimming is an easy way to get through the difficulties. However, once hit the land, you must walk on foot.

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When there is a ton of water on the map, the ships in Fortnite make sense.

What is the best way to get rid of the storm? Well, a player has broken the mathematical principles, so you don’t have to do this.

Fortnite season 3 sports crash

Reddit user’SymboleX’ evaluated the speed and efficiency of most modes of transportation in Fortnite. Although it is not a complete list (Choppa is missing, but most notably), it covers all major lists.

The following are the driving speeds proposed by Symbole for Fortnite’s specific modes of transportation:

  • Running: 333 meters/minute
  • Pepper run: 500 meters/minute
  • Swimming: 600 meters/minute
  • Pepper swimming: 800 m/min
  • Boating: 1200m/min
  • Taxiing: 1200m/min

“If you are thinking about looting an extra house, this can be very useful even if the area is far away. ⁠- If you are in a hurry, usually about 300m a minute, just place a marker on the area to see the distance,” they said.

In any case, this is based on all the sports we know now. Cars will enter Fortnite In just one week on July 21, Which is bound to provide another effective way to rotate on the map.

Know when to reach all driving speeds in the area From r/Fortnite competition

Chopped bread is also very effective when kneading. Although they are rarer in Season 3, they are still subject to fierce competition in all game formats. Regardless of their pace, their ability to fly beyond the rendering distance of most players is exceptionally powerful.

The most interesting data to point out is the effectiveness of pepper. Re-added in Season 3, the tooltip of the food-seeking product states that it can increase movement speed by 20% in 20 seconds. However, according to Symbole’s test, the number is close to 33%.

Therefore, if you need to rotate on the map, there is no need to panic. In Season 3, there are many ways to upgrade from A to B, this is just to find the best method for your situation.

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