Amazon Echo users must make sure not to say these words to Alexa | Instant News

Devices such as Amazon Echo have specific wake-up words, and they will listen to your signal when these voice assistants.

But according to the LeakyPick platform, another 89 words are said to free Alexa from sleep. A post By VentureBeat.

This research based on LeakyPick’s research classifies the possibility that these words wake up Alexa.

The ranking of these words ranges from 2 points out of 10 points that activate Alexa to 10 points out of 10 points.

The study said that the words with the highest likelihood of awakening Alexa include names such as Alyssa and Electra, as well as elixir, mixers, and auxiliary words.

Research has found that other words that can activate Alexa include letters, eloper, hyper, lesser and irksome.

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