According to Japanese media reports, Sony ordered at least 50% more PlayStation 5 game consoles than originally planned this year. The company originally hoped to produce about 6 million game consoles by 2020, Nikkei Now that this number is about 9 million, and Bloomberg Said it might reach ten million.

Both publications attribute the increased expectation to the increased demand for home entertainment in the coronavirus era. If Sony can sell any product close to the total number of PS5 consoles by the end of this year, it will mark a substantial increase in its predecessor. The PS4 was launched in November 2013, and 4.2 million units were sold by the end of the following month.

According to Facebook, Facebook is also increasing production of Oculus VR headsets NikkeiIts similar goal is to increase production to 2 million units by the second half of 2020. According to reports, this will increase its production for the entire year of 2019 by 50%. It is said that the company is starting mass production of new headphones although a month Nikkei It does not say whether it is a standalone system like Quest or a wired headset like Rift S.

During the pandemic, gaming hardware is often difficult to buy. Oculus experienced severe supply constraints, and its Quest headsets often sold out as soon as they were restocked. At the same time, Nintendo encountered difficulties in meeting the needs of the Switch and its home fitness games The ring is suitable for adventure. After several major releases in the second half of the year, it is not surprising that platform owners want to ensure that they have enough inventory.

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