By 2022, the number of mobile gamers in China will increase from 269 million in 2019 to 368 million.

In recent years, the gaming industry has experienced tremendous growth, partly because of the presence of coronaviruses, people have to be forced to stay indoors and find ways to keep themselves busy.

At the beginning of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese technology giant Tencent even publicly stated that they expect investment in the gaming industry to survive the crisis. This statement was made early before most countries were affected and the economic impact was not yet felt.

Tencent has made significant investments in several large companies in the gaming industry. They own Riot Games (League of Legends) and have a considerable share in Epic Games (Fortnite), Supercell (Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars). They also own a minority stake in Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed) and Activision (Call of Duty).

In India, the industry is dominated by the mobile gaming sector. According to data from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), by 2022, revenue from this area of ​​the Indian gaming industry will reach $943 million. In the past six years, it has increased by more than 200% compared to 2016’s $466 million. A similar increase in the number of mobile game players also supports this growth. By 2022, the number of mobile gamers in China will increase from 269 million in 2019 to 368 million.

The MMA further claims that three-quarters of Indian players play mobile games at least twice a day, while 31% of players play four to five times a day. The average playing time of mobile games exceeds 60 minutes per day. These mobile game players are not all men, not even young. 45% of mobile gamers are women, while 58% of mothers are gamers.

According to data from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), by 2022, Indian mobile gaming industry revenue will reach $943 million.

This raises the point of view why mobile games are so popular. The best way to answer this question is to look at some reasons why people may not want to play video games. These reasons include the need for consoles or high-performance computers/laptops for playing games and the cost of paying for games, which may be as high as Rs 3,000.

Mobile games solve many of these problems. There is no need to buy expensive flagship smartphones, because most games will run perfectly on budget smartphones. There is also the fact that all smartphones today are based on Android or iPhone. For developers, this makes games with high penetration on most devices extremely easy, and PC gamers are not always able to use console games, and vice versa.

Mobile games are made for people with different interests. There are various types of games, and unlike games on other platforms, most popular games are free to play. Most companies prefer to earn revenue through micro-transactions in the game, which can be used to speed up progress. Many people who normally never consider spending money on games are often addicted to these microtransactions because most of these games have social media connections that allow players to compete with friends. Players often turn a blind eye to their competitiveness, and ultimately end up wasting their energy on the game in order to advance faster than their friends.

Mobile games are usually addictive in nature, and players have always wanted to return to the game repeatedly. As time went by, it was attracted by daily check-in rewards and other functions, which became a daily habit. Nearly 30% of gamers use mobile games as part of their daily work.

Many games can also be played offline, especially those based on Sudoku, such as Sudoku. When a person is waiting for someone or something to happen, these games can only be played for a few minutes at a time. For many traditional video games, this is not an option, because even today, most gaming laptops are very bulky. Even if a lighter laptop is used, it is still bulky compared to a mobile phone.
With these major advantages, it is not surprising that the mobile gaming industry has quickly occupied India’s gaming ecosystem.

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