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DayZ’s new update has been removed this week, bringing the version of the Bohemia Interactive game to 1.19.

according to Daily Express, “Some platforms get DayZ Update 1.19 earlier than others, [but] Everyone should now be able to use the new version. ”

According to the official patch notes, this is what happened in the game:


  • Fix: May cause the server to crash
  • Fix: Stacking items into items using swap
  • Fixed: Micro freeze due to the loading of objects such as tents, cars and foundation buildings


  • Adjustment: temporarily disable the sun axis effect
  • Replace ActionDrainLiquid and ActionPourLiquid with ActionTransferLiquid (old operation has been deleted).

Although the changes are small, remember that the studio did state earlier this year that most of the game’s development in 2020 will not focus on releasing new content.

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Instead, the studio made plans in January to focus on fixing potential errors in the game and told fans:

“We hope to spend more time on each update this year, so a larger gap will be left between updates to ensure that we have more time to prepare for all platforms, which makes us currently planning this year 5 game updates.

“This year’s development will focus on stability, bug fixes and gameplay improvements, as well as some new small-scale content.

“Remember, our policy of announcing the exact release date (or when the feature is launched) will not change.

“We only make these announcements when we are sure that we can deliver the product within a reasonable time frame-this usually means that a certain function can already be put into production well.”

“DayZ is a behemoth in the game, and constant error correction is necessary-therefore, we will continue to do our best to compress as many errors as possible.”

In terms of in-game updates, stability, bug fixes and other features are not very attractive,

But for new content, the studio still promises to achieve the following goals in 2020:

“In order to make the game update interesting enough for you and us, we need to mix things from time to time, add some new content between our vulnerability compression and system adjustment work. We can provide some examples, you can expect to 2020 :

• We intend to continue to add more original and/or new guns to the game.

• We know how important the broken body parts (especially the legs) are to the overall experience of DayZ, so we plan to bring this technician back to the game.

• We know that you really like the wreckage of new cars on Livonia, so we will add them to Chernarus. “


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