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Among people who hate sports games, this has always been a joke, new versions of each series like FIFA Or Madden Actually just $50 roster update. Okay, kidding, because Konami will do this this year, PES 2021 Purchase DLC Live Football 2020.

A statement Show on the game website:

…The huge scale of all the goals we intend to achieve for the next generation’s debut makes it necessary for us to make efforts in other development areas. Therefore, we decided to launch this year’s PES in the form of “seasonal updates” as a simplified product. Having said that, we are still very confident to provide fans with enough excitement in this year’s game to help them overcome the difficulties until our next generation championship is about to be released.

Therefore, you will get a new roster, contest format and all license changes (Polyethersulfone Obtain a team/contest license as soon as possible) As an add-on to the game you already own, rather than a brand new add-on, which means that the game itself will still play the exact same game.

Therefore, “This year’s PES will be launched at an affordable anniversary price, and some bonuses will also be provided.”

When they say the “absolute scale” of the work to be done, they meano With the release of a new generation of consoles, Konami is moving the next game in the series from its internal Fox engine to Unreal, which is a major innovation that sports games can make (PES’ Move to fox Deformed The series).

A little sad Konami was exhausted after decades of fighting with the wealthier and more resourceful EA in the field of football games. When one of them needed extra work, he couldn’t manage/afford to issue two games in two years. game. This will make this For the first time outside of EA NBA Live I remember that the big sports game had to take a year off in the trash can fire.

Next generation Polyethersulfone It will be released in the second half of 2021.


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