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Dr. Disrespect confirmed to The Wrap that he will no longer return to Twitch.

Come in: Dr. Disrespect finally delivered a speech… This is unfortunate news for his fans.

After a month of silence, since the day he was removed from Twitch, one of the top game broadcasters Herschel Guy “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm finally gave a speech and responded to the Twitch ban-unfortunately, He said he would return to the platform.

Beahm is also known as “Twitch’s face”. according to Twitch metricHe is welcomed by 4 million followers in the streaming community, and the average number of views per post is about 180,000.

Although he has many followers, it is not important, and he is not safe. Banned from Twitch. According to reports, on June 26, he was kicked out of the platform.

A few weeks later, Beahm did not explain his absence, which surprised many of his followers. July 16, package Able to prove his long absence by email.

“I’m everywhere in my partner’s stream, and the features disappear from my dashboard. Before I knew it, I was locked [of Twitch],” Bim wrote.

“Social media started to go crazy, so I jumped out of the conversation with the team, and then I received an email, and it was all over. That was a terrible feeling. Imagine appearing at work and the door locked. I Shocked… the worst part is that I still don’t know why,” he added.


Since there is no clear explanation of why Beahm, some online users can’t help but make some theory on this issue, so one of the theories suggests that Twitch owner Amazon is “clearing the house” by terminating the contract with the potentially problematic ribbon.

Previously, it was reported that the well-known streaming media is planning to bring the role of “Doc” to competitors’ streaming services and start its own services. Beahm has clarified such issues and admitted infidelity in public in 2018. After making such allegations, he also took a short break.

What does Twitch say?

At the same time, The Wrap also supports Twitch’s position on this issue.

“Just like our process, when we have evidence that the behavior of a streamer violates our community guidelines or terms of service, we will take appropriate measures. These apply to all streamers regardless of their status in the community Or status.

Twitch did not request any comment on the publication. Because Beahm was banned, the company did not comment.

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