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One of the biggest challenges anyone faces Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players will reach that coveted 5-star island status. In order to make it possible, they need to spread a certain number of trees, flowers and objects on the island so that Isabelle will finally give it a rating.

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Fences are one of the main requirements of siding. 5 Star IslandThis is why investing some Nook Miles in your own DIY recipes may be a good idea. There are about 19 fences in the game, and there are many to choose from, but not all fences are as useful, versatile and beautiful when they are lowered.

19 Straw fence

A rather strange fence made of straw is not very useful on most player islands. That being said, its price is very cheap, and only a bunch of weeds and wood are used to make it, although it looks cheap.

18 Wedding fence

Available as part of the wedding photography awards, available on Harvey’s islands in June, the wedding fence is very niche, which makes it difficult for most players to use on any island.

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In addition, in terms of appearance, it can be decorated with more flower details to give it a wedding look.

17 Spiked fence

Another very cheap fence made of hardwood, which is some of these fences, has been used as decorative items rather than dividers. However, it is difficult to see how to make this super basic fence look more beautiful.

16 Barbed wire

The idea of ​​barbed wire is not bad in itself, but achieving it is a challenge. This is a niche style, only for players with a clear background design concept In their hearts. Those who plan in secret areas may find use in it, but otherwise it is passed.

15 Rabbit Festival Fence

a lot of Rabbit festival The item is outdated at best, which is why its fence level is naturally very low.

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However, it is indeed a little cute, colorful, and can look good in multiple island themes. However, as a fence, it didn’t really work.

14 Iron fence

Although this is a very basic and versatile fence, its style and color can be handled. Except for being a basic divider or a villager’s house that exactly fits the color theme of this fence, there is hardly any use for it.

13 Brick fence

The problem with this fence is that it is a rather bulky orange and yellow brick. Therefore, it looks too sturdy and does not have the elegance of some thin fences. Nonetheless, some themes and builds will still really suit their style.

12 Stone fence

Similar to brick fences, stone fences are restricted due to their volume and size.

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That being said, its pleasant color makes it more versatile than a brick wall, and looks surprising when used moderately.

11 Vertical board fence

This fence is not bad, but it is not very good, it is because it is too high. In addition, the uneven appearance of the wooden board may damage the theme of the island. Nonetheless, because of its bland, woody appearance that can satisfy almost any theme, it is still classified as an average fence.

10 Fence

The color of the wooden fence is more versatile and has a regular height, but it is medium because it is difficult to find a way to combine it to a specific theme or style. Whether it is modern or traditional, it is not dedicated to all.

9 Lattice fence

The purpose and style of the fence are very clear, and the lattice fence is quite good. It is not very niche, it has a very natural and beautiful wood color, and it is not too high.

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However, the lattice pattern may not be for everyone to drink, so it is destined not to fit all styles.

8 Bamboo lattice fence

A very popular fence, used by almost every popular island to create a beautiful hot spring area or a small bamboo garden. Despite its very unique style, any island can adopt it in a smaller area, or set up.

7 Iron and stone fence

For more Gothic style, The stone fence is absolutely perfect. However, it can blend other themes and styles with the appropriate garden type, which is why it is a sturdy fence worth investing despite its unique appearance.

6 Imperial fence

The imperial fence is another distinctive style of fence, ideal for those who like to incorporate many bamboo zen garden themes.

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It will look out of place on the more classic-looking island, which is why it is a niche market, but still a reasonably popular choice for fences.

5 Zen fence

The Zen fence is like a stone fenced brother. It is a bit bulky, but because the shape and style are more clear, it will not be excessive. Many players are in love with it because it acts as a fence for more urbanization and Japanese themes.

4 Fence

One of the most widely used fences is definitely the rope fence. It can be easily adapted to any island theme and is most often used to create entrances to tourist areas and even museums. Although simple and not flashy, it is guaranteed to look good.

3 Simple wooden fence

The mother of all fences, every player needs this fence in the game. This is the first they got from it Tom Nuuk.

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The fence looks great no matter what, because it has a classic fence style and natural wood color. This is hard to go wrong.

2 Country fence

This is another basic but indispensable fence, which looks great above the campsite and above island Generally speaking. The low cost is ideal for enriching camping areas, which is currently the case on almost any island.

1 hedge

This may be a controversial ruling, but there is no doubt that hedging is the biggest fence in the game. It looks good everywhere, for those islands that need more greenery, it also acts as a bush. Every topic can benefit from a hedge.

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