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When implementing one or two new features, Pixel smartphones will definitely get the best experience for Android and can be used in the entire system user interface (including Google Assistant).

There are actually many Google Assistant Features that debuted on Pixel smartphones. Before entering other non-pixel devices, Google Usually new features are first tested in their Pixel lineup. Then it will be fully promoted to all Pixel phones, and then tested on other popular Android devices.

In this case, Google now appears to be testing the new Google Assistant design on non-Pixel 4 phones.

Google Assistant light bar is a new feature being tested

Google not only brings the light bar to assistants on non-pixel devices. Instead, it is usually testing new Assistant designs.

The light bar is part of it. And one of the features makes the new look of Google Assistant more distinctive. Keep this in mind, not all Google Assistant designs of the Pixel 4 extend its method to non-Pixel devices.

According to some screenshots 9To5Google, It looks like it is really a light bar. When you activate the home screen, the Google Assistant interface design on the home screen seems to be changing, but this is not what you see on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

On both devices, when you activate Google Assistant, the background is a light and dark gradient that gradually changes from a solid color to a completely transparent one. Whether it is bright or dark depends on where you activate it.

For example, if you want to activate it on the home screen, it is usually white. However, if you activate the theme somewhere in dark mode, it will be dark. The design of a non-pixel device with a light bar has only a short fall, but all its colors are still solid colors. In this case, it is white.

The design has not been widely promoted

So far, the design has not been extended to many devices. According to reports, although the existing Pixel and non-Pixel devices have adopted this new design.

This means that the Pixel 3 series and previous versions may also start to see new designs with light bars at some point.

It is not clear how long the test will last, but the test for new UI changes may last for weeks or longer. Therefore, users should not expect things to change when interacting with Google Assistant in the near future.

Google may also ignore these changes during the launch and abandon any form of official announcement. So, if you want to change things a little, next time you ask Google to do something, please open your eyes and make yourself look new.

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