Sakurai discusses bringing “Min Min” to “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” | Instant News

There is no doubt that “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” is one of the largest games on Nintendo Switch, and it is easy to become one of the best fighting games in the video game world today. Mainly because there are too many characters to choose from and addicted to entertainment and nostalgia. This is achieved by obtaining the fighter pass for the first time, which introduces 5 new characters, 4 of which are third parties. Now, with the appearance of “Fighter Pass 2”, there will be 6 new characters, the first is Mins of ARMS.

This character has been out for a few weeks, But in the column about Famitsu, Masahiro Sakurai once again emphasized the role and pointed out some very interesting things. Including the fact that he was introduced to ARMS when he first produced Super Smash Bros Ultimate and when ARMS was still under development. Nintendo wondered if Sakurai could add ARMS characters to the game at that time, he refused. As a result, “Spring Man” has become an auxiliary trophy, while the other characters are the spirit of “Light World”.

It wasn’t until Nintendo revealed to Sakurai’s team that there would be 11 DLC characters, he didn’t know to bring ARMS characters into the game as playable characters. Even if admitted by him, this is not an easy task. As he pointed out, ARMS is a very different fighting game due to the slender attachment of the character. Therefore, trying to introduce it into Ultimate and make it natural is a difficult task.

Sakurai ended this column by reiterating that there are 5 more DLC characters. Although he did not give a date for the announcement of the next DLC character, fans absolutely hope it will happen soon.

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