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The best-looking game in today’s Nintendo Direct Mini may be the action platform farming (!) game. Sakura: Rice and Ruins, But if you are watching the North American version of Direct, you will not see it. It is not there. However, in Japan, it started a demonstration. It is unclear why this is the case, because beautiful-looking games will also be launched in North America this year.

According to a press release from the publisher Xseed, disaster It will be released on PCs worldwide on November 10, and will be released for Switch and PS4 in North America that day. The Japanese game console version will be released on the 12th and will be released in Europe on the 20th.

disaster Combining agriculture and platform with RPG elements for the first time Back to E3 2017. This is how Xseed describes the settings and world of the game.

“The player plays the role of Sakuna. Sakuna is a spoiled goddess of harvest who was deported to a dangerous island with a group of wanderers. When she explores the beautiful and intimidating environment on the island, she will also be in a Find a house in the mountain village and prove the title it deserves by harvesting rice and improving human life.”

Sakura: Rice and Ruins Has been developed for five years, And after the delay, It seems that players will soon be able to farm, jump and fight as a goddess in the second half of this year.


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