Epic Games is updating its popular Battle Royale game Fort night And the 13.30 patch is currently being rolled out, which is why players will not be able to participate in the game while the developers are preparing the game.

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The latest update will include Summer Splash LTM.

Server downtime Fort night

As with past updates, Fort night It will be shut down for about three hours, or less or more than this time. Players can follow the game’s alternate Twitter account, @FortniteStatusTo see updates about whether the game is back online.

After returning, players can easily log in and download the latest patches to fix bugs and some new content.

The game is also open Trello Community Council Players can view the official patch notes for patch 13.30, including the issues they have resolved and the issues that have not yet been resolved.

Fans can also submit bugs and glitches to the board so that developers can fix them in the next update.

Speaking of updates, what to do Fort night Is the 13.30 patch included?

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What does patch 13.30 bring?

according to Night standard, Data miners have found some information before everyone can use this update, and they always share the information they find online.

Which stands out Fort night Leaker @iFireMonkey, He shared on Twitter several changes that come with patch 13.30, including Summer Splash LTM, which will include new limited-time modes, such as One Shot! , Payback!!! catch up!

The leaker also stated that a new set of co-op challenges will be added, which means they can only be completed as a team with the final Build-a-Brella challenge.

The water submerged on the map will also continue to decrease, showing more familiar landscapes in past seasons, as well as possible new locations or new content on the map, such as the favorites of old fans: vending machine.

Data miners also believe that cars will soon be used throughout the island.

Of course, there will be a series of new challenges to keep players happy throughout the season.

Several problems solved

Sure enough, some bug fixes are also included Fort night Patch 13.30.

Allegedly, in the mobile version of the game, Epic Games solved the problem of cutting off player names in the voice chat tab on the social menu. GamepurList.

For Battle Royale, the developers fixed the following issues:

  • After lowering the setting, the floating ring is not visible on the platform.
  • The taxiing around the bureau does not work properly.
  • When searching, the supply drop in “Authorization” was not turned on.
  • When turning around in the storm, a black rectangle appears behind the player character.

At the same time, the “Save the World” mode also solves some problems:

  • Ammunition is consumed when picking up or putting down a weapon.
  • Animation problem of Goin constructor.

Obviously, with the arrival of Fortnite patch 13.30, new cosmetics will also be provided, including skin party MVP, Galaxy Scout, Barracuda, Shore Leave, etc. Lick @Lucas7yoshi The leaked skin has been posted on Twitter as well as the back cover that the new update will also provide.

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