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GO Fest 2020 coming soon Pokémon GO Players, because Niantic brings their annual blowout event to trainers remotely. Players of mobile games can play GO Fest 2020 wherever they are, and the preparations for the event will be different from previous years. Our pre-release series “GO Fest 2020 Preparation Guide” is here to help Bleeding Cool.

Items that need to be owned or deleted during the preparation of “Pokémon GO Fest 2020”. Credit: Pokémon GO’s Twitter account.

Pokémon GO Fest 2020 Preparation Guide #1: Project

In this first part, we are here to help you optimize the project package to deal with the Shiny Gible tragedy that appears on the screen… an amazing “zero” appears next to the Pokémon Ball.

The item you want

  • Pokémon Ball: In the two days of the 2020 GO Fest game, even if you are just playing at home, on Saturday and Sunday, incense will generate up to two Pokémon per minute for ten hours. As a result, those who play at home will produce up to 2,400 spawns, and those who play outdoors will encounter more wild Pokémon. It is expected that the “GO Fest 2020” study will provide a large number of Balls, but you must use your own stock to participate in the competition. Recommended quantity: at least 1,000.
  • Ultra Balls: Save these more powerful devices on the Pokémon that you want to guarantee to capture: Shiny Pokémon, Unown, Gible, and Snorlax, they are difficult to capture, and are expected to be released in shiny form this weekend . Recommended quantity: at least 500.
  • Golden Razz berries: These berries are more likely to capture Pokémon than other berries. They will be your best friends when the spawn you dream of most appears on the screen. Suggested quantity: at least 200.
  • Pineap berries: Don’t be too fascinated by these, because they are very common and are likely to be obtained at GO Fest 2020 through gifts and research, but giving Pokémon this berry can double the candy you get. Save it for use in rare spawning such as Gible. Suggested number: 160.
  • “StarCraft: GO Fest 2020” will shower trainers in Stardust. Stardust is the most useful mechanic in the game, allowing trainers to trade and improve Pokémon’s abilities. Now that Star Pieces can be stacked, these items purchased in the store will not take up bag space. On the first day of the first ten hours, please wear enough Star Pieces to ensure that it is completely dust-free. Suggested dosage: 40.
  • Lucky Egg: Currently, these are only useful for coaches who have not reached the highest level 40. Lucky Eggs will increase the amount of XP the coaches get from captures, raids, etc. Suggested number: If the trainer is below level 40, it is 40; if it is above level 40, it is zero.
  • Fragrant: This will require drawing eggs for you. It has not been announced how long these fragrances will last, but if it matches previous events, Yixiang may last three hours. Since these items do not take up much space, any number above ten can ensure your safety. Just be prepared to buy 8 pieces in the store (if needed).
  • Space: Special research and PokéStops tasks will have more items than trainers can store. Ideally, you will need available luggage space. It is not clear what will happen in the course of the incident, so if Special Research does not provide these data, you will need to reserve space to purchase the Raid Pass. Recommended quantity: at least 500.

Items you don’t want

  • Submachine Gun and QuickTM: These items can change the way your Pokémon attacks, and it was difficult to accumulate in the past. However, they can now be obtained through GO Battle League and Raid. Although useful, these items will block your luggage during GO Fest 2020 and are not needed here. Suggested quantity: 20 at most.
  • Great Ball: If you encounter Pokémon, you will be particularly excited, then this middle-aged child who chooses the ball is too risky. Niantic provided a large number of these things for free through special research in its previous Safari Zone activities, and you can clear them up without problems before GO Fest 2020. Suggested amount: None.
  • Razz berries and Nanab berries: These less effective berries should be used to feed Pokémon in the stadium before the game, because they will be useless at GO Fest 2020.
  • Potions and Renaissance: Raids are expected to become an important part of GO Fest this year. Therefore, although you should not completely clear the inventory of these items, you will receive more than GO Fest’s raids. Suggested dosage: up to 70 of each type.
  • Rare Candies: No matter what, you will eventually use them to power your Pokémon, so now feed them into your Legendary Pokémon to free up precious space. Suggested dosage: None.

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