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Apple’s beta training continues this week, and the third beta version of all major operating system updates will be launched later this year. The new beta version of iOS 14 includes some interesting adjustments, such as a new color theme for the “Music” application icon, a new information pop-up window with some new features, a new clock widget, and more.

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In other news, we heard more rumors about the upcoming iPhone 12 series, the potential of certain new hardware “ready to deliver” and the future use of Face ID for Macs.

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All the new features in iOS 14 Beta 3: new music icons, clock widgets, etc.

Apple will continue its beta release cycle for its next major operating system update, and this week, the company released a third set of developer betas. iOS 14, macOS Big Sur, WatchOS 7 and tvOS 14.

The third version of iOS 14 With some interesting changes, Which includes an eye-catching icon that shows that the “Music” application icon has changed from the white and multi-color theme seen since the launch of Apple Music in iOS 8.4 to the red and white theme.

Please be sure to click to view our Overview of all new things We have found it in the third Beta, if you are a member of the public Beta program, there will be an equivalent iOS 14 update Now for you.

Apple’s 2020 5G iPhone will support both sub-6GHz and mmWave, but this situation may change in 2021

5G is a hot vocabulary of today’s smartphone technology. It has two styles: mmWave 5G has the fastest speed, but the transmission distance is short, and is only suitable for dense urban environments; 5G below 6GHz is not completely fast, but Coverage is wider.

It is said that Apple’s iPhone 12 product lineup to be launched later this year includes support for 5G technology, but New report says Apple may launch some iPhone models that only support one of these technologies in 2021, depending on which is the most common in a particular market.

In other iPhone 12 news, we heard again that the new model may have to wait until October/November schedule, We have seen New battery leaks This may further illustrate the capacity of each iPhone 12 model, and we have already seen some new photos about the iPhone 12. White braided Lightning to USB-C cable iPhone 12 may come with it.

Leaker suggested that amid rumors of Intel-based iMac refresh, new Apple products are “ready to ship”

WWDC came and went without any important new hardware startup, but a frequently leaked source mysteriously claimed Some new products are already “ready to ship.”

We don’t know exactly what these products are, but we have been waiting for the iMac to be updated, and there are other rumors that an updated Apple TV will be prepared. Rumours of other products are circulating, including a smaller and cheaper HomePod, new ear-hook headphones and AirTags item tracker.

The best macOS 11 Big Sur features: Control Center, Safari update, notification of maintenance, design changes, etc.

macOS Big Sur is a major update of Apple’s Mac platform. It not only brings many new and updated features, but also brings design innovation.

In one of our most recent videos, we took a look Some of our favorite features of Big Sur, Including the new control center, improved notification center, Safari updates, message improvements, etc.

The code in macOS Big Sur indicates that Face ID may appear on the Mac

Apple’s Face ID feature allows the device to be unlocked through face scanning, currently limited to iPhone and iPad, but the code in the latest macOS Big Sur beta indicates Face ID may appear on Mac In the future.

References to the “PearlCamera” feature matching the “Pearl” codename of the Face ID of iOS devices have been found, including references to “FaceDetect” and “BioCapture”, these hints strongly suggest that Face ID is about to enter the Mac.

There is no final conclusion on when Face ID will debut on the Mac, but as the feature progresses, we may hear more.

Apple supports suppliers of periscope telescope lenses for iPhone in 2022

There is still a long way to go in 2022, but Apple is already far ahead on its iPhone roadmap. The latest report by well-known analyst Guo Ming Chi stated that Apple is Strive to find suppliers who can provide periscope telephoto lenses For those mobile phones.

Periscope lens A prism or mirror is usually used to refract light onto the lens sensor to increase the optical magnification within the limits of a thin smartphone body. Some manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei are actively using periscopes in mobile phones, and Apple seems to be working on its own implementation.

Apple glasses patent suggests that any surface can be a virtual touch interface

Although we have heard a lot about Apple’s augmented/virtual reality headset project, we still don’t have a detailed understanding of the final appearance of the product and how they work.

However, the newly released patent application reveals that Apple has been studying how it Can turn everyday surfaces into virtual touch interfaces. Apple proposes that icons and buttons can be projected onto a table in AR, for example, users can reach out and interact with them. Apple’s patent suggests that infrared thermal sensing can be used to determine the location on a surface touched by the user.

A separate patent application describes The future Apple Pencil may include a color sensor In this way, colors can be sampled from the real world and then transferred to a paired device (such as an iPad). This feature is very useful for art-focused applications, making it easier to capture the accurate colors of real objects.

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