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Wizards of the Coast’s popular tabletop card game “Magic: Party” is expanding the user experience. Revealed in Comic-Con @ Home The game chief designer Mark Rosewater (Mark Rosewater) panel shows the Zendikar Rising suit that will be launched in September this year.

Set Boosters is a new feature of MTG that can bring players a new experience of getting deck decks. Mark Heggen, product architect of MTG, told GameSpot: “There are some differences between Set Booster and traditional Draft Booster.” “The 15-card draft booster has been adjusted to accommodate limited games (draft and sealed deck). , And locked common, rare and rare parts to optimize these competitive formats. There are many different kinds of magic fans in it, which allows us to play some rare card games.”

These new Set Boosters will contain 14 cards: 12 MTG cards, an art card (most likely a card signed and stamped by a golden artist) and a final card, which can be a token card, an advertising card or from “List” card.

Rosewater revealed “The List”, which is a collection of 300 selected cards in MTG history. These cards were chosen as interesting mechanics of the game’s past. All cards in the “list” will have planeswalker symbols and original printed symbols. Three cards were released today, and you can see them below: Cloudgoat Ranger, Pact of Negation and Muscle Sliver. Also check the differences between all boosters.

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In addition to setting boosters, “draft boosters”, “theme boosters” and “collector boosters” will also be provided to enhance the package opening experience. Heggen said: “There are many ways to enjoy Magic. In recent years, our product team has been committed to developing products that attract many different types of players.” “Set Booster first has a very simple goal: to create a carefully selected product to attract Many different types of Magic Players are widely used. Although this is a simple goal, the team has gone through many iterations of Set Booster. We studied many factors, including how players turn on boosters and what they hope to get from it.

“One of the most interesting concepts we found is that people end up with more normal copies than they want. Those extra normal copies help drafts, but most players are not excited about their existence. Therefore, we have rebalanced the numbers through Set Boosters and used resources to provide players with more things they would be excited to see, such as rare items, metal foil and special handling cards with fewer original resources.”

MTG: Zendikar Rising will arrive at the arena on September 17 and arrive on the table on September 25.

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