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After three student athletes from the Portage Public School District tested positive for the coronavirus COVID-19, Portage Central and Portage Northern high schools in PORTAGE, Michigan have suspended summer sports training.

A Portage Central athlete tested positive for the virus over the weekend. Principal Eric Alburtus notified parents, students and school staff in an email on Monday.

North principal Jim French also sent an email to the entire school on Monday to inform parents, students and staff of two student athletes and another sibling who tested positive for the virus.

In the case of the hub, the last time the student participated in the exercise was on Wednesday, July 22, when there were no symptoms.

In the North District, a student developed symptoms on July 21 and tested positive for the virus, but has not participated in any school activities since July 14.

Another northern student who tested positive showed no symptoms but was tested for COVID-19 to participate in the training camp. The student exercised at school two days before the test date.

Students with siblings in the north showed symptoms and tested positive, and like other family members, the virus was also negative.

French said that all northern teams and athletes who participated in sports that worked out with students who tested positive for COVID-19 were notified on the weekend.

School physical training and band practice in Central will be cancelled for two weeks, while North Air will suspend its band activities for one week.

Alburtus wrote in an email: “Our goal is to establish a certain amount of isolation between students to reduce the chance of the virus spreading, thereby ensuring the safety of children.” “We did not make this decision lightly; we clearly know that, Our children benefit greatly from physical exercise and healthy relationships and interactions with each other.

“From my perspective, it is great to see them working on campus, working hard, enjoying each other’s company and building the strong friendship we want to give all our children. At the same time, we always put the safety of our students first. This is even more important in these difficult days.”

“In terms of procedures for these situations, we continue to work closely with the Kalamazoo County Health Department, and their expertise helps guide our decision-making,” the Frenchman said in an email to northern students, employees and parents. “In this case, we will cancel the practice just in case, and we will continue to refine how to best handle the above situation.

Both principals encourage any students participating in campus activities, thinking that they may be infected with the virus, please provide the following information to the coach or consultant as soon as possible:

  • Do students take the exam?
  • When did the student think he or she was exposed?
  • When did he or she start showing symptoms?
  • What are the students’ symptoms?

Alburtus said the information will only be shared with the Kalamazoo County Health Department to help provide guidance and protect all students.

COVID-19 prevention tips

In addition Wash your hands regularly without touching your face, Officials suggested social evacuations, assuming that someone might be carrying the virus.

Health officials say that if possible, you should keep at least 6 feet away from others and work from home.

use Disinfection wipes Either Disinfect spray cleaners on frequently touched surfaces At home (doorknobs, faucets, countertops) and Take hand sanitizer with you When you enter a place like a store.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (Gretchen Whitmer) also issued an executive order requiring people to wear Face covering mouth and nose In a closed public space.

For additional information, please visit: with

For more data on COVID-19 in Michigan, please visit


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