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Traditionally, the service life of game consoles is about 6 years from start to finish (PS3 and PS4 are extended to 7 years respectively), but the upcoming PS5 life cycle may be the shortest game console generation. According to a Digitimes reportSources from Sony’s back-end supply chain in Taiwan put forward a new five-year PS5 service life statement, and also estimated that 12-170 million game consoles were sold during this period. This is a huge number, because only six years later, Sony Recently reported that 110 million PS4 consoles were sold.

According to the report, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X’s lifetime shipments are expected to double within the same period, which makes sense because Microsoft has shifted from a console-centric approach to supporting its many services and Subscription support. If this report proves to be correct, it means that PlayStation 6 can be released as soon as possible during the 2025 holiday, although the release date can be postponed by any number of things in the next five years, even if this is Sony’s current goal.

Such high sales/shipment forecasts seem to imply that Sony will not overprice the PS5. Before that, some people worried that the custom architecture SSD and other advanced computing features in the PS5 console would increase the consumer cost of the next-generation console. Sony Comment on PS5 price So far, we have to prepare a high price for fans. However, these huge sales forecasts may hint at easier entry points. It is important to note that the forecast and report did not take into account the difference between the standard PS5 with a disk drive and the all-digital version, which may be a key part of Sony’s pricing and demand strategy.

In the most recent period, estimates have increased Reports say Sony is expanding initial production of PS5 To meet the growing demand for launches, another hint is that the price may be cheaper than initially thought. Sony did not disclose when it plans to announce the PS5 price, but Rumored to be the state of the game on August 6 May provide additional details about the console. The company promised to make an announcement before the official launch of PS5 pre-orders, so enthusiastic fans will be able to plan to buy next-generation game consoles. recent Sony directly purchases data mining information on the website Said that PS5 purchases may be limited to one purchase per user to help prevent scalpers from devouring launch inventory and indicate the resale price.

How do you see the potential for shortening the life cycle of next-generation consoles? Do you want Sony to continue its development from PS5 after only five years, or do you want them to try to extend it to the traditional six to seven-year console life cycle that we have seen so far?


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