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Amazfit Bip S is not the best smartwatch I have tested-not even close yet. But this is definitely the longest running time. I used it for nearly 10 days without a single charge, which is more than what its more expensive competitors can say. However, if battery life alone is not enough to attract your attention, a price of $69 should be an agreement. (The price in the UK is unknown, but in Australia it is AUD 119, or approximately £65.)

Bip S is Amazfit Bip (And Amazfit Bip Lite). The original Bip was created by the Chinese company Huami in 2018 and was loved by fans from the beginning. It costs far less to perform basic smartwatch tasks than competitors, and it can last up to 45 days on a single charge. Scott Stein of CNET gave a high rating, It is called one of the best low-key smart watches around.

Bip S is better Fitness The features and screens are better than the previous generation, but they haven’t changed much in the past two years. Although it is still one of the best deals at the moment, it still lags behind other deals Apple Watch Either Galaxy Watch, About functionality and connectivity.


Amazfit Bip S is available in four colors with a new two-color pink option.

Vanessa Hand Orellana / CNET

Reasonably priced design

Apart from some new color options (pink and green) and a brighter display, Bip S looks like a copy of the original Bip. And, I mean, it looks like a plastic Apple Watch with a thicker frame and a lighter frame.

It is definitely not the most attractive smart watch in my eyes, but it is more practical and comfortable to wear than some more upscale, heavier and bulky watches. It’s so light, I even forgot to wear it while sleeping.

But the biggest price compromise is at the expense of the screen. It is always on, which is a nice privilege, but it is not as clear, bright or responsive as the phone screen. The backlight is not always on when I need it. Sometimes it can run on demand, but I have to raise my wrist exaggeratedly instead of trying to open it. And as mentioned earlier, it is not sensitive to touch. I have to swipe or tap the screen a few times to make it respond. However, when it does light up or brighten, it is clear that daylight can be seen.

Bip S has more dials than its predecessor, and can customize some existing dials.

Bip S improved fitness tracking

The original Amazfit Bip covered the basics of fitness tracking, but Bip S took it a step further by adding more exercises and better indicators.

Now, it can record up to 10 different activities, including yoga, weightlifting and swimming. Its 5ATM waterproof performance makes it very safe for swimming in swimming pools and open-air waters, and its built-in GPS means you can put your phone on dry ground in the water or while running.

Since testing Amazfit Bip S, I have been able to accurately track my statistics. But I must remember to do it correctly. For example, the dial button can be programmed as a shortcut to start a workout, which is very convenient. But for running (or other outdoor exercise), I still have to press the screen to confirm the GPS connection before actually registering for the run. This makes it impossible to achieve the purpose of the shortcut in the first place. When I took it out the first few times, I forgot to confirm and did not record my running situation. Since it has no automatic exercise detection function, you must manually start it to actually record exercise data, but it will automatically pause when it senses that you have stopped exercising for a period of time.

Like its predecessor, Bip S has a continuous heart rate monitoring function. During the exercise, it will break down my information into areas on the mobile app to show whether I am in the light, high intensity, aerobic, anaerobic or maximum heart rate (Vo2) (maximum oxygen consumption) area . This is similar to other sports watches Fitbit with Garmin Yes, but because the results of Bip S do not always reflect the intensity of my exercise, I doubt its accuracy.


The biggest upgrade of Amazfit Bip S is related to health and fitness.

Vanessa Hand Orellana / CNET

Bip S converts heart rate into health indicators

In addition to the usual steps and distance, Bip S has added a new indicator called PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence). This metric can score you based on the activities you complete during the day, which means you don’t have to rely on the number of steps or calories burned. Bip S uses heart rate data (and basic demographic information) to determine whether the user can be Increase heart rate within days to maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to Huami, after achieving this goal, the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes will be reduced.

The idea itself is not new, it is similar to the moving circle on the Apple Watch and the time zone minutes on the Fitbit device-all of which are activity indicators that exceed the step count. But this is new to the Bip family, and it’s a great way to make yourself honest about how much you do (or don’t do) during the day. Having it actually inspired me to stick to it all week.

Bip S lacks some smart features and unreliable connection

For me, the biggest problem with Amazfit is that it does not work as well as a “smart” watch. Technically speaking, it is IOS And Android, but when I try to combine it with iPhone, The connection is unreliable. I will stop receiving phone notifications on my watch and have to re-pair the app with my phone a few times. The firmware update does help to solve the connection problem, but it does not completely solve the problem. Viewing my data on the phone app also takes some time to sync.

Even when Amazfit displays my notifications correctly, I cannot do much. Because it does not have a microphone, dictation is also impossible, so don’t think about writing quick answers.

All in all, except for some basic applications for weather and music control (which is an improvement over the original Bip), this watch can basically reflect your phone and does not have many independent functions. Even the alarm application must be programmed on the phone, and there is no mobile payment of any kind.

Bip S’s long battery life makes sleep tracking a breeze

Even with uneven connection points and moderate smart features, this watch lasted a long time after competitors gave up. I don’t have to leave it next to the charger at the end of the day, the fact that it never leaves my wrist.

Huami said that if you want to perform bare metal functions, you can use it for up to 40 days on a single charge, although in fact I hope that the battery can last for about 15 days. If you shoot on all cylinders like me, it is 10 days (for example, maximum screen brightness and regular GPS exercises).

In addition to not having to charge it at the end of the day, it can also be charged on 24-7, which means I track sleep more regularly than other smart watches.

Bip S provided me with a sleep score in the morning based on a number of different factors, such as sleep time, bedtime, and sleep quality compared to other users. As a mother of two children, I knew there was room for improvement in my sleeping habits, so I was shocked to find that I averaged about 90 (within 100 points) per night. Therefore, either Amazfit users have very bad sleeping habits, or they cannot be very sure whether I am taking care of the baby in bed or actually falling asleep. I suspect this may be a combination of the two.

However, even if I am skeptical about this, obtaining these data for a long time can help me determine when to get the most restful sleep and change my bedtime habits (to an hour earlier) so that I can maximize To extend the deep sleep cycle. Can I actually feel more rested during the day?

Bip S is a cheap option, but it will not replace your phone

If you are looking for a smart watch that can free you from your phone occasionally, isn’t it? In this case, it is better to get a Apple Watch Series 3 Either Galaxy Watch Active 2. Amazfit Bip S is more in line with Fitbit Charge, which is a stupid assistant that tracks your sleep and activity levels and occasionally notifies you when someone tries to approach you. But for some people, this is what they really need. For only $69, it can buy an entry-level smartwatch, which is a good deal, especially if you are uneasy about getting your first watch.

After the review, I may retire using Bip S to get a smarter choice. But I will definitely miss the long-lasting battery life. I agree Rick Broida of CNET, He said he might even consider restoring to the original condition while traveling, lest he lose another cable to the power outlet in the hotel room. However, once “travel” becomes a reality again, we will see.

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