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If you recently found an auxiliary box under Google News Stories that gives you a comprehensive understanding of the news, you are not alone: ​​Google seems to be trying to use the new “for context” feature in Google News, link To the second broader story on the same topic.

Early detection By Valentin Pletzer On Twitter, this feature seems to be able to display some very specific search results in real time on the phone:

It’s small enough that you might easily miss the changes you made, but it’s ” The internet story. Interestingly, it links to another The internet Stories provide a bigger picture; this feature may not be designed to transfer traffic from some publishers to others, but only to provide more information about news reports. thats right Facebook’s “About This Content” feature It is often effective and often points to related content on the same website. Of course, Google also has “Knowledge Panel” and “Featured Snippet” Lead people outside the news box to get more information on various topics.

Although multiple edge The editor has received new Google features that can be used in multiple time zones, but we cannot make it pop up in other controversial news topics (such as hydroxychloroquine). This one The internet This example is actually the only example we have seen so far, and Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment on where and how the idea might be promoted. Let us know if you find more?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, large technology platforms Accelerated efforts To warn the reader about the error message, Dominant caveat label, The “authoritative context” of conspiracy theoriesAnd even warn readers They may not want to share older outdated articles.

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