As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, video games continue to be one of our main sources of distraction. For those who are still staying at home in lockdown or isolation, Cloud Garden definitely looks like a relaxing and good idea.

Developed by Noio, Cloud Garden It is a simulation game in which you can recreate the diorama and construct a unique structure for natural recycling. There is a sandbox mode where you can simply create without limits and no goals, and a story mode where you must strike a balance between natural and man-made structures.

“In Cloud Garden, players must use the power of nature to increase the low-fidelity scenes of urban decline and man-made landscapes. By planting seeds in appropriate locations, they can create small overgrown brutalists and beautiful Western oceans. Mirror, salvage and reuse hundreds of discarded objects, thus creating a unique structure for nature to reuse.”

Cloud Gardens has not yet set a release date, but plans to launch it in early access later this year.

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