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When scratching the MacBookPro for the first time, I have to remember that this is at the airport. I put it in a pallet, unfortunately there is sand at the bottom, most likely caused by someone directly from the beach. I flinched. Fortunately, I placed it face up, but every time I look at the bottom of the MacBook Pro, I remember the scratches, but unfortunately, this is not my getaway.

If your workplace is mobile, you often work on a mobile phone or laptop, which indicates whether you work in a cafe, at home, or anywhere in between. MacBook Pro can be seen everywhere, and you will continue to place it on any surface area that attracts you to complete your work.

Even if you choose the cheapest design, MacBook Pro is still an expensive computer system. Although its value is well maintained, no one wants to buy a scratched laptop for no more than what you like. So, how to best protect MacBook Pro? Shoot a box on it. I know that this is a compromise, just like using material seat covers on leather seats, but you can only avoid the inevitable.

Whether you are using a 13-inch, 15-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pro, we have actually assembled some MacBook Pro cases, and we believe you should definitely consider whether to provide some security protection for laptops in the market. computer.

MacBook Pro 13-inch protective case

    With the IBENZER MacBook Pro case, you have the best of both worlds. 1. The safety of your use of the portable computer, and 2. You have not modified its incredible appearance.
    This is a difficult shell protective cover, which provides higher security for your portable computer. There are many colors to choose from, and you can choose the one that best suits your design.
    Made of high-quality Italian pebbled leather, and available in a variety of colors and styles, it will provide your laptop with a first-class appearance while ensuring safety.

15-inch MacBook Pro case

    Easy to buckle, this case includes all the ventilation holes required for cooling. Comes with a silicon keyboard cover and offers a variety of colors.
    Similar to the design above, this case is designed in two pieces, made of high-grade Italian PebbleLeather leather, and available in a variety of colors.
    This difficult housing cover has a fully vented snap-in style. From this transparent color to many non-transparent tones, a variety of colors can be easily obtained.

MacBook Pro protective case (16 inches)

    This fully ventilated enclosure includes security on the top and bottom of the laptop, with a total of 20 colors to choose from.
    If your daily routing shows that your laptop is rough, you will find this shock-absorbing wrap-around bumper best for you.
    This PU leather case comes in 4 colors to absorb shocks, but at the same time, it can improve the appearance of the notebook. It also has a 1-year service warranty.

Of course, you can also choose other cases from various functions, products and colors, but according to our taste, we only recommend these cases.

When you want to use the exact same portable computer in various environments, something happens. You may need to go on a picnic or hike, in which case you need the safety provided by SUPCASE Unicorn BeetleSeries. Having a casual, light-weight workplace may require the flexibility and customizability of the Mektron MacBook Pro 16-inch protective case, because you can quickly customize it for any environment or clothing.

Go to court or fashionable service meeting? There is no better way to show off your laptop than the MOSISO MacBook Pro 16-inch protective case, maybe a color that matches your briefcase or other device.


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