Fortnite July 30th update: map changes include the return of “Khansha” | Instant News

As the water level drops, Fortnite is climbing back to the normal map, thereby reducing flooding. As you know, at the end of the season, Fortnite introduced flooding on June 15, and the map has been in chaos since. The July 30th update brought the normal state back to the map. This week, sweaty beaches can be seen on the map again. Only one update can restore the map to its original track.

From the comfortable sky, you can see that the ocean is shrinking because the player likes to return. The island will soon return to a non-submerged state, and every road, sandy shore and green land will appear on the map again. This map update, updated next week, will cause water loss, but it will not disappear completely. The mapping changes now exist on the server in real time.

Fortnite Cape Cod floods recede, and sweaty sand reappears on the map

After today’s update, all the loot locations you liked on Sweety Sands are now reappearing on the map. Although the location may look different, the appearance of “it stayed in the water too long” is actually the same. On the map, this place looks exactly like Fortnite Season 2, but you can expect that the loot boxes have moved and it will be important to relearn them.

A cool Gif iFireMonkey The content on Twitter shows that the status of the Cod camp has returned to normal. Although it completely needs to double the drainage level, it is still improving.

Atlantis will be released on August 1st

The well-known Fortnite data miner revealed that the next update released on August 1 will reveal the new Atlantis POI. Aquaman’s home will open on Saturday. Earlier last week, FortTory Twitter also leaked the layout.

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