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Similar to The Witcher 3 Before that, many people were expecting Cyberpunk 2077 Make Western RPG reach new heights. This may happen with the structure of the mission, gameplay and narrative. However, it seems that fans should be especially looking forward to the dialogue-centric scene. These sequences will obviously allow players to peep and investigate whether there are suspicious behaviors of other NPCs in the surrounding area, thereby providing a broader dynamic environment for the dialogue in the game.

The official PlayStation Magazine in September 2020 (via Sirus Gaming) explains how Cyberpunk 2077 The dialogue system is effective. During the conversation, the protagonist V can hang out. For example, in order to negotiate with a potential looter, V may find that nearby NPCs take action to retrieve things from their backs.

Paying attention to such actions may help identify early signs of danger. They may also benefit players who want to expand in the middle of the negotiation process. Suppose, if the stirring time caused by the delusion is too long, the player can even choose to end the conversation and withdraw from another faction on the spot.

elsewhere, Chief Task Designer Pawel Sasko Recently I talked about another way for teams to subvert expectations. He explained that players do not need to complete the main story to beat the game. Cyberpunk 2077 A large number of sub-pictures are designed to inform the overall narrative, thereby drastically changing the narrative throughout the process. The same is true for the player’s initial choice of V’s life path. Even V’s relationship with the most important companion will be different, depending on the choices made early. Although some similar approaches may be possible, it is unlikely that two players will have exactly the same experience.

CD Project RED Cyberpunk 2077 It will be available on PS4, PC and Xbox One stores later on November 19. Those who buy a copy on the current console will get Get free next-generation upgrades for RPG on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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