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As more people work from home, your workplace will most likely provide you with the option of choosing a location during your work week. You may have made some changes to your work settings (perhaps a new chair or a second monitor), but have you considered using some smart devices to increase productivity?

London’s discount code and charity fundraising website Savoo suggests some of the best techniques for your home office to ensure you get the most out of your home workspace without interrupting your funds. They are below, if you are interested, please provide a link to Amazon.

Amazon Echo Point


One of the core components of any smart home is a smart speaker that can be controlled. Options such as Amazon Echo or Google Home allow connection to many other devices, so you can control them with your voice.

The speaker itself can also be used to schedule reminders, adjust the calendar and quickly ask questions, all of which can save you time.

Although you can usually afford some “low-end models”, you can snap up a lot of things by looking at other less popular smart assistants. They will still support most devices, but at a lower cost.

$80 at Amazon

Atomi smart coffee machine

Use smart technology to decorate your home office-no need to spend wealth zdnet


Want to wake up with a fresh cup of coffee? Or do you want to make something like this in the kitchen while working in the office without losing your mind? Atomi smart coffee machine can use Alexa or use the app to brew coffee on time.

Like a standard coffee machine, although there are high-quality options that can increase costs, a simple filter coffee machine with smart features at a low price can also be provided. You can get a caffeine fix in the comfort of your own home without wasting cash in your favorite coffee chain.

$90 on Amazon

Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth headset

Use smart technology to decorate your home office-without spending a lot of money

Noise-canceling earplugs and headphones are not only used for travel. Smart earbuds and headphones Has multiple functions-such as playing music and answering calls.

When you work from home, they can Act as a wireless headset You can make hands-free calls and block sounds that might distract you. Although the most advanced models provide additional features, the cheaper, lesser-known models still provide core basic knowledge.

$34 on Amazon

IClever Air Quality Monitor

Use smart technology to decorate your home office-no need to spend wealth zdnet


This may not be immediately obvious, but pollutants such as dust and other particles can accumulate in the air and reduce air quality, making you more tired because your body cannot get the oxygen you need.

Smart air quality monitors include expensive models that can not only identify and clean the air to ensure you stay healthy and active, but also track budget-friendly options and tell you when you can benefit from opening the window to get something fresh air.

$110 at Amazon

Peteme Smart LED Bulb

Use smart technology to decorate your home office-no need to spend wealth zdnet

Smart light bulbs are one of the most popular products in smart homes. They can be turned on and off, and the brightness can usually be adjusted with the push of a button. Some like these Peteme color change bulb, Can provide a constantly changing color display.

Whether you choose the most economical option or a more versatile option, smart bulbs will enable you to choose the brightness in the morning and orange in the afternoon. You can even set it up as planned, so you don’t need to think about it.

In addition to bringing benefits to one’s work from family life, smart light bulbs are generally more environmentally friendly. In the long run, this means that they can help you reduce your electricity bills and become a better choice for the environment.

Therefore, although the price of smart bulbs may be more expensive than standard bulbs, it turns out that smart bulbs are a good long-term investment, and soon you will earn back the money you spent on smart bulbs.

$38 at Amazon

Gosund smart plug

Use smart technology to decorate your home office-without spending a lot of money


Although smart plugs themselves are not fancy things, they are used to turn any power-powered item into a smart object. If you have items like printers or heaters that tend to use a lot of electricity, they can save a lot of money money.

use Smart plug (eg Gosund) Turn off all high-priced items at once without having to bypass and turn off the switch. In addition, if you combine the technology with energy trackers, you can even make them turn off automatically when they reach their limit every day to ensure you don’t overuse them.

$23 at Amazon

Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat

Use smart technology to decorate your home office-no need to spend wealth zdnet


In an office, the temperature is usually regulated by high-power heating and air conditioning. However, at home, you may only have a standard thermostat-and due to the weather, a regular heating schedule may not always fit your forecast!

Compatible with Alexa, SmartThings, Google Home and IFTTT, smart Thermostats such as Honeywell House It can respond to changes and adjustments in real-time according to predefined settings to make you feel comfortable. Moreover, if you configure the settings carefully, the touch used when adjusting the heating up and down is much lighter than the standard dial, so you can reduce wasted heat and save money.

$162 on Amazon


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