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If there is one thing we can do besides next year, it is subscription services. peacock. Xbox game pass. Disney+. Adobe Creative Suite. Apple Store. Stadia. HBO highest CBS all visits. Netflix. Hulu Spotify. Amazon Prime. Even our shoes are not safe to pay monthly. That kind of thing will make you have a good time, where you will pay a fixed fee for something, and that is yours. You can still do some things, Obviously, the subscription service has not disappeared, but nowThis is an endless billing cycle, it’s just… it would be nice to have something. Microsoft seems to have memorandumBecause it plans to release a The new subscription-free version of Office launched in 2021.

be found PC Mag (by Windows Central), Microsoft in Communication team Blog posted yesterday: The company said: “Microsoft Office will also see permanent releases for Windows and Mac in the second half of 2021.”. There is currently no other information about the new Office.

Currently, there are several ways to use certain Microsoft Office programs. You can access them Free on the web, Just like you use Google Docs. All you need is a Microsoft account and you are already logged in. If you need to use these programs offline and install them directly on your computer, There are several subscription tiers This way you can access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and some other programs and services. You can also purchase a license directly for $150 and get Word, Excel and PowerPoint without a subscription, although it does not include access to OneDrive and Skype.

in case You are a current student or educator, You can get all these programs as well as Skype, OneDrive and a series of other programs for free through Office 365 Education Edition. But your school needs to have an Office 365 education plan for you to use.

It will be interesting to see what features Microsoft has added to its already strong productivity program. Recently added some Cool new Word online transcription tool, But there are currently no plans to introduce these same tools to the desktop version. (Finger will include it in the next version anyway!) Either way, it’s comforting to see that Microsoft will still provide perpetual licenses for some of its programs instead of becoming a 100% subscription service next year. If you use Microsoft Office as often as I do, you can save even more in the long run.


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