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Microsoft has revealed it Not necessarily complete the acquisition of new developers,although No such announcement will be made during the Tokyo Game Show This week, the rumors of Sega’s acquisition were closed. Read on to understand what the Bethesda acquisition might mean, and make sure to also check our recommendations Why buying Bethesda has nothing to do with exclusive merchandise.

A lot of news came, and this week started to be busy Microsoft has purchased ZeniMax Media and purchased Bethesda Softworks through expansion. And many Game studio. This puts franchises such as Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, etc. into the protection scope of Xbox Game Studios, which makes people question what the exclusiveness of these big-name franchises will look like as we enter the new generation. In the more near future, this also raises a problem. The two games previously released by Bethesda could only make their debut on PC and PC. PS5: Death cycle with Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Official statement from Xbox, Microsoftwith Bethesda Unfortunately, not many answers are currently provided. One aspect of this $7.5 billion transaction is Have It has been confirmed that future games from Bethesda will be released on Xbox Game Pass on the day of release, whether on Xbox or PC. Starry sky It’s a game that clearly confirms this Hit the Game Pass on the first day, And it can be assumed with certainty that the same is true for other unannounced projects, such as the inevitable Fallout 5 Fallout: New Vegas 2 Dream Project Some people are screaming now).

But those games are still far away. What’s more urgent is what will happen Death cycle with Ghostwire: Tokyo, There are two games on PS5 to be released in 2021 (following Deathloop’s latest release), but none Xbox Series X with Series S. speak BloombergXbox boss Phil Spencer said that although no specific details were disclosed, including the prospect of eventually introducing it to Xbox, the exclusive arrangements for the two games will be honored. More importantly, Spencer added that when it comes to future games released by Bethesda, it probably includes The Elder Scrolls VI And Starfield, “We will use other game consoles as appropriate.”

We have contacted Microsoft and Bethesda for more detailed information and will report what we have learned to us. But the fact is that there is no sharing of information about them in the announcement, which indicates that there is either no change or no sharing on the current exclusive operation arrangement, because the acquisition has not been completed. (The Elder Scrolls Online Is a will Continue to be supported on the current platform, Including PS4. )

All about the game pass

It is not unimaginable that future Bethesda games will continue to be released on PlayStation or Nintendo consoles. Although not a perfect point of comparison, Microsoft still supports my world Purchased Mojang (and Minecraft Dungeon Published on Switch). Maybe the Bethesda game will be released on Xbox first and then on PS5-we are The Elder Scrolls IV: Ob Destruction, Even if Bethesda is a private company. The upcoming PS4 or PS5 games will certainly still do this: Psychonauts 2 PS4 was announced before Microsoft acquired Double Fine, but it is still there. Or, Microsoft may release future unannounced games as usual, but emphasizes that subscribing to Xbox Game Pass allows you to use games for free, so why spend more money to buy on PS5?

There is no doubt that the Xbox Game Pass is great for Why this transaction happened. Regardless of the exclusivity of Bethesda’s games, combining the Game Pass library with all the content in Bethesda’s distribution library can make the original incredible service even more powerful. As the next generation of games becomes more and more like a $70 price tag becoming the norm, it looks much better to be able to get new Elder Scrolls or Fallout or Dishonored or anything else as part of the subscription fee. Know that this is not a limited time schedule, especially if this is the case, in this case, you can only access these games within X months of their release. They are entering the Game Pass and are staying there like Halo, Gears, Forza, etc.

It is unbelievable that Microsoft and Bethesda were able to complete such a huge transaction without leaking. In addition to shocking everyone on Monday morning, it also allows Microsoft to maximize its impact: the news was announced the day before Xbox Series X and S pre-orders start selling. This is no coincidence. When the system went on sale on September 22, it was quickly sold out, including the pure digital version of Xbox Series S, which may have a high add-on rate due to Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

Whether it is true, or some people will now assume that Starfield, Elder Scrolls VI, etc. will become exclusive products for the Xbox console. I personally doubt this; these are expensive games to build, and Microsoft may see long-term value in supporting Game Pass and making these games available exclusively on Xbox on time. However, entering the release of the next generation of game consoles may prompt some people to choose Xbox Series X or S other than PS5, thereby fueling the momentum.

In the past two generations, we have seen tremendous development momentum: the strong beginnings of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 have helped to power these consoles and have a snowball effect in their respective generations. If your friend bought a specific game console, it may also prompt you to buy that game console. Buying Xbox can make you more likely to subscribe to Game Pass, What Microsoft cares about most. Even if you don’t buy Xbox, there are still new markets for potential Game Pass subscribers on PC and mobile devices. No matter what the ultimate reality of this arrangement is, it can help Xbox in all aspects.

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