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The handheld and portable console Nintendo Switch will launch many new games in 2020 and add some dazzling action platform games to its product lineup. Now, Nintendo has released the latest version of the most popular game “Kirby Fighter 2” on the action platform. This is the first appearance of the Switch. Except for an accidental leak on the online store yesterday, it can only be recognized by the public.

The action platform game and cute character Kirby will now debut on the Switch, and unexpectedly exit from Nintendo without any prior notice. Just yesterday Nintendo mistakenly leaked the game The publisher immediately deleted it before it dropped as it should.


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Before today’s release, Nintendo has added “Kirby Warrior 2Together with other sites on the site Kirby Franchise title. The game description and even the price of this cute pink Blob were erroneously released by Nintendo, and today’s release seems to be a way to correct the company’s mistakes.

Since the release of Kirby in 1992, Nintendo’s efforts have continued for 28 years after the game’s debut. Through the efforts and development of the HAL laboratory, this “Kawai” puff ball has achieved mainstream and complete success in the simple and complex planet Popstar world targeted by the evil forces of the universe.

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Kirby Fighters 2 on Nintendo Switch: What’s the plot?


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Nintendo Switch’s “Kirby Fighters 2” will be more like a “Royal Rumble” 3D fighting game battle, contrary to its traditional appearance and layout as an action platform. This game will be a full-scale battle with “Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby”.

Players can use the popular and cute puff puff (Kirby) to fight and use his abilities to resist the evil lurking in the game. Use Kirby’s vast skills and powers to rule other characters and players in the game.

Several characters from the series will also appear in the game, with King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee becoming playable characters. Be the last “Kirby” standing in the brawl, defeat several enemies and copy the cute puff cat.

according to Final product, “Kirby Fighters 2” is a derivative product of the original “Super Smash Bros” style fighting, which combines all the iconic characters of the series. Choose between the regular Kirby, Sword, Beam, Artist, Yo-Yo and the new wrestler Kirby, the latter will make its debut in the new game.

Kirby’s gameplay


(Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo and HAL Lab’s “Kirby Fighters 2” will show two real gameplay in Kirby’s world. One is the “one-handed” mode, which allows players to experience challenges, test skills and limits, and quickly defeat enemies. The second mode is the “story mode”, which requires other players or AI to cooperate and defeat challenges, obstacles and enemies.

There is another mode of 2v2 full-scale madness between friends and online Switch players. The online feature also allows people to compete with online strangers and other Kirby players.

Nintendo offers “Kirby Fighters 2” on eShop and Nintendo Switch website, Can be used for digital download, the price is 20 dollars.

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