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of OnePlus The 8 series is now one step closer to the stable Android 11 update. Company has started roll out This is the second Open Beta version for these two devices. The update is officially called OxygenOS 11 Open Beta 2.

We expect that the next update will be Open Beta 3 or the first stable Android 11 update for both phones. Open Beta 1 is very stable, and this new update will only improve it further.

The OnePlus 8 series is now one step closer to the stable Android 11 update with OxygenOS Open Beta 2

This updated change log contains many entries. This includes many fixes and optimizations, as well as new features for environment display. Let’s talk first.

OnePlus The so-called “canvas” function has been added. It can automatically draw wireframe pictures based on the lock screen photos on the device. This is actually very interesting.

You can view the picture at any time without waking up the display. All you have to do is to navigate to “Settings” -> “Custom” -> “Wallpaper” -> “Canvas”, then select the photo preview, and the phone will automatically generate the photo.

The company patched many known issues

Now, let’s move to optimization and repair. The company optimized some UI display elements in the “Settings” section. In some cases, the widgets in this build did not respond, but they have also been fixed. It rarely happens, but it still happens.

The problem of not being able to wake up the Google Assistant in some cases has been fixed. In some cases, the HD icon on the call log interface was not centered, and it has been fixed now.

The company also solved the black screen problem, which occurred when the user entered the “Tips and Support” interface. When it comes to “system” updates, the overall system stability has been updated because the company has obviously reduced many smaller errors.

A specific issue with the “clock” has also been fixed. Although the “timing” part only occurs under certain circumstances, these numbers tend to disappear.

The last entry in the change log relates to “network”. The company optimized the power consumption of “Smart 5G”. It seems a bit too much.

The size of this update is 230MB, and if you are running the Beta version of the software on a OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro device, you may get it soon or already have it. By the way, it is broadcasting OTA over the air.

It is expected that these two smartphones will receive a stable Android 11 update this month or October. They might get it before the OnePlus 8T is announced on October 14, but we will see.

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