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Adobe has been hyping Sensei AI it’s been a while, In the end, the technology has a use case that can make the lives of ordinary users easier. Now, the Adobe Reader application uses machine learning to reformat PDFs so that they can actually be read on mobile devices.

new Liquid mode In Adobe Reader, you can upload your documents to Adobe’s cloud services, and Sensei will process them to identify items such as titles, images, and text blocks. The document will then be sent back to the device in a new layout suitable for mobile devices. A large number of small texts appearing on the screen will be automatically lined up with appropriate paragraph spacing, images will be neatly arranged and take into account the rest of the document, and some parts can even be folded. In essence, it provides PDF with the responsive design we expect from modern web pages.

Unfortunately, Liquid Mode is currently limited to Adobe Reader for Android and iOS. Therefore, if you attach to a third-party PDF application, you will be out of luck. Of course, this will push people to Adobe’s own products, But in the interview Fast company Representatives of the company insisted that the main motivation behind the feature was to find a solution to the problem that PDFs are not so useful on mobile devices, and people close these documents as soon as they see them. Adobe developers have explored a new format, but believe that the universality and compatibility of PDF make them worth adapting.

There is still work to be done on Liquid Mode. it Need to support forms, slides, scans and files over 10 MB or 200 pages. Another upcoming feature is the ability to reformat documents in Liquid Mode on desktop applications for sharing with others. The company also told Fast Company that it may offer some advanced features to paying customers of its Document Cloud service. Wow.


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