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Amazon hardware chief Dave Limp (Dave Limp) at the 2019 conference in Seattle.

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Nowadays, we are all more and more aware of our Echo smart speakers. In the home life, thousands of people long for a long-term life, the concept of connected houses Amazon It has been in development for many years and is becoming more and more important than ever. This means Amazon’s home safety ring, Internet connection via Eero and smart home controls Alex.

During Thursday’s annual product launch event, Amazon may strive to meet the unique needs of today’s customers while focusing on the future after the pandemic. The event starts at 10 am Pacific Time and is for invitation only, but the public can follow up in real time by checking Amazon’s release and paying attention to this article, which will be updated with new tweets about the latest announcement.

This event is an important way to inspire excitement for Amazon before the holidays, and-for the first time in history- Golden day. (The annual sales are usually held in July, but this year is scheduled to start on October 13.) The company may try to resolve privacy Pay attention, this is the big storyline of 2019 for both Ring and Alexa.

Before the event, we convened a small number of reviewers and reporters who have tracked Amazon’s hardware work for many years to provide some insight into what to expect. Check out our preview below.

-Ben Fox Rubin


Echo smart speakers usually get the highest income, so you need to find many new devices, features, and unexpected Alexa-driven gadgets, such as microwave ovens or wall clock.

In 2019, Amazon made great strides in filling out its smart speaker and display product line, launching Echo Show 5 with Show 8, And the latest Echo speaker, Echo point with clock with Echo Studio High-end speakers. A year later, Amazon’s speakers and displays still feel very new, without any obvious missing.


The Echo Show 5 is part of Amazon’s growing lineup of Alexa-driven devices.

Taylor Lizenby/CNET

The standard Echo speakers and the smaller Echo point It’s unlikely to see updated designs (they are all third-generation), and it’s not surprising to see Amazon add touches to some other products Smart home Products-just like using “dot with clock” last year. Having said that, it may be too early to fully refurbish, and maybe the product line is too crowded to expect many new speakers or displays that we see in 2019.

In addition to hardware, Amazon has apparently been committed to adding Alexa’s smart home features in 2020 and introducing more complex, Give and receive voice function And better functions to connect smart home products with mobile devices. Alexa has relied on its Last year’s auto partsAnd pay more and more attention to Amazon sidewalk This week strengthened Amazon’s years of efforts to place Alexa almost anywhere from home to car to sidewalk.

I also hope that Amazon is committed to Alexa privacy protection. Last year, the reputation of voice assistants took a major hit due to controversy caused by human comments recorded by customers. Amazon regards privacy as an important content of its 2019 speech to enhance consumer trust and is expected to continue to work on solving this problem.

-David Priest

Fire TV

then Streaming is more popular Compared to the past, this is a good choice. Amazon will release an update to its most popular streaming media device, namely $40 Fire TV Stick with $50 Fire TV Stick 4K. They are solid choices, especially for Alexa fans, but it’s nice to see the confusing menus and search results that are thoroughly examined, which put too much pressure on Amazon’s own content. It’s hard to see how they can improve Stick’s hardware-remote finder functions or faster processors would be great, but keep these devices cheap to compete with them year Is the main goal. For this reason, the prices of both have dropped by $10 Fire TV Stick Would also make sense, especially considering Google is rumored to replace Chromecast for $50. If in doubt, reduce competition.

Recently, Fire TV has been the headline news about its lack. New streaming service HBO Max And NBCUniversal peacock already The obvious gap in the Fire TV show For several months, due to the stalemate between the new application and Amazon. Both sides are drawing battle lines to control the data and money generated by your streaming media activities as they try to consolidate their positions of power in the next television era. Fire TV users are in trouble.

23 Toshiba Badge Amazon Fire TV Edition

Toshiba Fire TV Edition TV.

Sarah Tu/CNET

Thursday’s event may bring them into a deadlock. Less than a week active Roku and Peacock resolved their own similar deadlock, Everyone set their sights on Amazon to see if it can also be used with Peacock or HBO Max and bring these services to Fire TV users.

Other fire TV equipment includes less popular equipment $120 cube -Weird Alexa speaker/universal remote/streaming combo-got a faster processor last year, and Fire TV Edition TV. TV, for example Toshiba Competing with Insignia at the end of the budget, but lagging behind on CNET’s Roku TV comment. Can dream of an Amazon brand TV with powerful features Full array local dimming Maybe OLED like Europe last year, But these opportunities are small.

David Katzmaier and Joan E. Solsman


If the rumors are right, Then Amazon is likely to launch a new version Eero Mesh Router That support Wi-Fi 6, The latest generation, the fastest wireless online transmission. Amazon bought the online brand At the beginning of 2019, And then move quickly to release Newer and less expensive version of the Eero system Later that year. But it lacks Wi-Fi 6 support Obvious omission. As the proportion of Eero customers buying increases Mobile phones and other devices that support fast new standards, I hope Amazon can close the gap and provide them with routers that can keep up with the trend.

Eero-Mesh router promotion

A few Eero router devices.

Chris Monroe/CNET

At the same time, yes Wi-Fi 6E, Which means Wi-Fi 6 devices that can be connected A large amount of newly opened bandwidth in the 6 GHz band, It seems unlikely. Routers like this are expected to begin to appear In december, Priced as high-end equipment for advanced users. Amazon seems more interested in positioning Eero as an accessible and easy-to-use value option In the grid category, At least relative to this type of router. In other words, the improved Eero Pro system that supports Wi-Fi 6E will not bring you a direct impact.

No matter what new Eero systems we see, don’t expect them to be twice the size of Alexa speakers. Eero seems to like the contrast with privacy Google’s Nest Wifi, Which includes a built-in microphone for accessing Google Assistant. Amazon sources also told CNET not to expect any Eero device to be used as a bridge device. Amazon sidewalk, At least not in 2020.

-Ry Crist


Amazon’s smart home company Ring sells a variety of smart home devices, including Video doorbell, Surveillance cameras, One security system And outdoors Lamps. Recently, the brand has focused on providing cheaper hardware in the same product category. This kind of effort is what competitors like Wiz with blink (Also owned by Amazon) is introducing Get the best-performing smart home products at a budget price.

Ring Video doorbell From $100 The second generation video doorbell The Video Doorbell Elite, with a maximum price of $350, is an embedded model with Power over Ethernet. Its surveillance camera series follows a similar pattern, starting with an indoor camera at $60 and ending at $250 Floodlight cam, Outdoor camera Built-in led floodlight.

Ring video doorbell two 4

Ring video doorbell.

Chris Monroe/CNET

It also has an array Smart lighting products, Including two LED bulbs, as well as street lights, step lights, spotlights and floodlights for outdoor use, some of which run on batteries, while others run on solar panels.

Given that Ring’s goal is to provide your house with a “safety ring” in the literal sense, I hope to see the company continue to expand its range of services from home security and lighting products to Other peripherals Designed to help you pay close attention to your house.

In addition, it is hoped that Ring will continue to address privacy and security issues related to its privacy Partnership with local law enforcement Through the neighbor plan and its Two-factor authentication required the following Customer data is exposed In December 2019. Ring can also solve the problem of privacy advocates Its facial recognition patent (A feature that currently does not exist on any Ring device) Faces can be scanned through the law enforcement database.

-Megan Wollerton

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