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Many top application manufacturers have joined forces with apple Control over the App Store, and control over Google’s Play Store (to a lesser extent), are topics that have been increasingly scrutinized by regulators in recent months. Today, 13 app publishers including Epic Games, Deezer, Basecamp, Tile, Spotify, etc. have launched Application Fair Alliance. The new organization formally confirmed the company’s already ongoing efforts. The focus of these efforts is to force app store providers to change their policies, or ultimately to force app stores to accept supervision.

For example, Epic Games is currently filing a lawsuit against Apple over App Store commission guidelines. After Apple decided not to use Apple’s own in-app purchase platform, Basecamp launched the Hey email application, which triggered a public war. Other app makers in the group have already spoken out about Apple’s practices through public statements, and some have communicated their complaints to Congress.

The new app maker group includes Basecamp, Blix,, Deezer, Epic Games, European Publishers Council, Match Group, European News Media, Prepear, Protonmail, SkyDemon, Spotify and Tile.

In the league websiteThe group detailed its key issues, including anti-competitive practices, such as the 30% commission structure of the app store, and the inability to distribute software to billions of Apple devices by any means other than the app store, which the group considers offensive individual freedom.

Google allows side-loading applications, so there are not many goals in this regard. In fact, given its stricter guidelines, many of the alliance’s efforts are focused on Apple’s business.

Of course, many of Apple’s success in the app economy can be attributed to its strict control over how apps are created, designed, reviewed, and distributed. Its App Store cleans up spam and spam more often, while app reviews are mainly processed by humans rather than automated technology. Apple application developers must also follow the guidelines, which control the look and feel of their applications, the types of content allowed, and the way these applications behave. Its rules on in-app purchases also bring about a customer experience, where making in-app purchases is as simple as pressing a thumb or clicking a button and then looking at the phone to complete the transaction.

However, on the other hand, Apple’s guidelines do not provide much freedom for businesses that do not need to rely on the App Store for customer acquisition, search advertising, or payment processing. They may also be able to host their own applications and services and their own infrastructure, but they have no choice but to use Apple’s platform to attract iOS customers.

“As law enforcers, regulators and legislators all over the world investigate Apple’s anti-competitive behavior, the “App Fairness Alliance” will become the voice of app and game developers, aiming to protect consumer choices and create for everyone Level the playing field, the team said in a statement issued on Thursday, said Horacio Gutierrez, Spotify’s global affairs director and chief legal officer.

The group also released a list of 10 “App Store Principles” that it hopes to promulgate across the industry. These include the ability to distribute apps outside of the app store, protect one’s own data from competition, timely access to developer documents, the right to communicate with users through their apps for legitimate business purposes, and no payment for using the app store System, no need to pay unfair fees and so on.

Members also have issued The personal statement can be found on the group’s website, and most importantly, they have activated a mechanism to recruit new members. App makers who are also frustrated by Apple’s approach can fill out a form to apply.

The organization stated that this represents “a public call for all developers, big and small, to join us.”

Apple did not directly comment on the establishment of the organization, but it did release new resources today, including a redesign of its design. About App Store A page detailing its benefits, plus page Specifically for the interests of developers, Overview Advantages provided by its app developer program A new website Explains its Apple Video Partner program and how to apply it.

Apple is often not transparent about some of its procedures. Instead, it tends to briefly introduce the background to the press when the rules change (or launch a new website…) rather than issuing public statements, writing blog posts, or issuing press releases. When commenting on the App Store issue, Apple rarely keeps the record.

But the internal operation of the company is Recent antitrust hearing, It reveals how it reached a special deal with Amazon and how to determine Which applications to delegate And how it handles complex decisions-for example Ban entire categories of apps Claiming that they are now a privacy threat, rather than providing an alternative way to continue operations.

This rebound in behavior has been going on for several years, and it has now reached its peak due to investigations by regulatory agencies. However, not all companies that fight Apple will save the little guy. If Apple also quietly reached a special deal with Epic or Spotify, you may have never heard about the abuse of the App Store.

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