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Apple’s eighth-generation iPad is fast and reliable remote learning tablet Most of the time is done at home. Starting at $329 ($309 for students), it is the cheapest iPad Apple offers, and it is miles ahead of any other tablet offered at that price. Although the only difference between 7th generation iPad It is a faster processor. This powerful performance makes this low-cost iPad a big investment in the next four years, and it will feel like an editor of choice even when it starts to use.

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The look and feel of the new iPad is exactly the same as last year’s model-this will be the overall theme of this review. It measures 9.8 x 6.8 x 0.3 inches (HWD), weighs 1.08 pounds, and comes in gray, rose gold or silver, the same as last year. Its back is curved metal, and the front is flat glass.

The above-mentioned $309/$329 price applies to a 32GB iPad. If you plan to use your tablet primarily for cloud applications (for example, Google classroom. If you plan to play a lot of games or use it to shoot videos, you should buy a 128GB model for an extra $100. And, if you want to use the cellular connection feature so that you can access the Internet when Wi-Fi is not available, you will need to pay an extra $130 (plus additional fees from the cellular service provider).

The screen design of the iPad is beginning to look very old. Like last year’s device, it has a 10.2-inch, 2,160 x 1,620-inch LCD without lamination, so it is super reflective (as you can see in the image in this review). The screen is surrounded by a huge border (for 2020), part of the purpose is to keep the physical “Home / Touch ID” button at the bottom of the screen intact.

To a large extent, Apple is only limited by the price here. So far, I haven’t seen a 120Hz or OLED tablet screen happen near the $309 price that Apple intends to sell this tablet to millions of students. Considering this price, iPad can resist ordinary 1080p, LCD Chromebook, And in this case, the screen works well.

iPad is available in dark gray, rose gold or silver

Again, like last year’s iPad, from a low-cost perspective, this year’s model has a set of speakers at the bottom. The sound they provide is loud enough, but the sound is a little faint, and there is no stereo effect. of iPad AirAnd some other more expensive tablets have stereo speakers on both ends. Hope students will use headphonesHowever, the iPad has both a traditional 3.5mm stereo jack and Bluetooth. At the bottom, there is the old lightning port. Hopefully this will be the last iPad with Apple’s expensive proprietary port, because the iPad Air now uses the more common USB-C.

Remote learning will almost certainly require a keyboard. Apple’s smart keyboard is the best keyboard, but it costs $159 and is expensive. The smart keyboard can also be used as a shell to protect the screen. It’s stuck on the physical connector, so there is no Bluetooth pairing or hysteresis, and I found its liquid-proof key to be pleasantly typed-matte, textured and with enough travel. However, if price is an issue, please choose $35 Logitech K480 The Bluetooth keyboard has a slot for placing the iPad in it.

Smart keyboard
Apple’s smart keyboard is the best quality iPad keyboard option

Like the sixth and seventh generation iPads, the 2020 iPad is compatible with Apple’s $99 First generation pencil. The pencil is still an easy-to-pair pen with excellent sensitivity. If the second generation Pencil does not exist, I would say this is the best tablet stylus currently available. But now that the first and second generation pencils are widely used, I can tell you that I prefer the second generation.

The first generation pencils were perfectly cylindrical, so they could slide off any inclined surface. It awkwardly plugs into the Lightning port for charging. Also, it feels slippery on the unlaminated surface of the low-cost iPad. The second-generation pencil is a monolithic frosted pen with a flat side that can be charged and has better resistance on the tablet screen. Of course, to use the second-generation Pencil, you need to get an iPad Air.

This will always be the strangest way to charge the stylus

Performance improvement

There are two years of A12 processor, and iPhone XS, iPhone XR, Small tabletCompared with last year’s iPad Air, the performance of the previous iPad A10 has been significantly improved. This also means a significant increase in service life: Apple tends to optimize its operating system for chips that are as long as five years, so this tablet has a lifespan of at least three years to run the latest OS updates.

From a benchmark, this is a big improvement over last year. Compared with the 7th generation iPad, the Antutu benchmark score dropped from 257,075 to 443,387, and Geekbench rose from 770 single-core and 1,400 multi-core to 1,114 single-core and 2,474 multi-core.

The 8th generation iPad is as fast or faster as last year’s iPad Air. In the Basemark Web 3.0 Safari benchmark test, I got 592.82 on the new iPad and 518.59 on the iPad Air last year. On the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited graphics benchmark, the performance of the eighth-generation iPad is almost the same as last year’s iPad Air and iPhone XS Max.

See how we test tablets

This also means better application performance, especially in heavy applications. For example, the game “Life is Strange” powered by Unreal Engine 4 performed as good on this $309 device as it did on my $999 device 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The image grid in “Affinity Photo” has changed and bends very smoothly, and iMovie editing proceeds and saves relatively quickly.

There is one exception: if you belong to the brave small group of people who use augmented reality applications, then multiple camera devices may provide better AR positioning. I played several AR applications on this iPad. Although the A12 processor is very smooth and can immediately make objects appear, I feel that the depth perception of the tablet sometimes deviates. The iPad Pro works better in this regard.

AR application
Augmented reality apps run smoothly

The new iPad is equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi and LTE models, while the cellular model usually costs $130. The portable iPad can be used with all US operators and all frequency bands. However, the tablet computer uses an earlier wireless chipset than the iPad Pro or the latest iPhone, so the performance cannot meet the standards of more expensive devices.

Relative to the 400Mbps/400Mbps signal source, through the relatively weak 5GHz Wi-Fi connection on the wall, on the 2020 iPad Pro, my speed dropped by 231Mbs and rose at 96Mbps, but on the eighth-generation iPad On the previous page, I only had a speed of 35Mbps down by 24Mbps. Same with OnePlus 8 Pro On the phone on the T-Mobile LTE network, my speed on the phone dropped by 28.9Mbps and on the network rose by 23.7Mbps, but on the iPad, my speed dropped by 21.6Mbps and 8.9Mbps. This means that this may not be the best device for people who are stuck in a weak Wi-Fi or cellular network connection.

Apple’s claimed battery life is the same as the seventh-generation iPad. We are still testing the battery, but we hope it will be the same. On last year’s model, we had a battery life of 6 hours and 41 minutes when streaming video over Wi-Fi at full brightness, which easily matched Apple’s prediction of 9 to 10 hours at half brightness.

iPad 2020


The camera of the new iPad is also unchanged from last year: there is an f/2.4, 8-megapixel shooter and a 1.2-pixel front camera at the rear. The rear camera avatar is as good as usual. It does not have fancy optical zoom or night mode, and the image becomes noisy in low light, but this is a $300 tablet. The 12-megapixel main camera of the iPad Pro did not show significantly better results in the test, although the Pro also has a wide-angle camera for more viewfinder options.

On the other hand, in this era, the resolution of the front camera is low enlarge, And can use real upgrades. If your goal is to be one of the nine small boxes on the screen, then it can provide you with slightly grainy 1.2 megapixel or 720p images, which works well, but if used for selfies or TikTok, it doesn’t look so much ideal. Look for the iPad Air again, it has a 7-megapixel main camera.

Smart keyboard
The smart keyboard has a soft inner layer that can support the iPad screen


iPad operating system It’s still iPadOS. It is fast and safe, mainly single-user, single-task operating system, with a large number of well-designed customizations Application field. Apple’s commitment to data privacy goes far beyond Google’s promise, because Apple does not rely on targeted advertising as its main source of revenue.

It’s worth thinking about the limitation here: different from “real” laptop Or Chromebook, you cannot have multiple user accounts on the iPad. I think this is great for equipment designed for use in schools. You don’t want multiple children to share iPads because they need to do their jobs at the same time. You can split the screen between multiple applications, but only one can have the focus, so if you are on a video call, you can’t do messaging in the side panel. To be honest, although this is not for everyone else, it allows children to focus on school.

Split Screen
You can split the screen between Messaging and Google Classroom

Apple’s commitment to device upgrades has been unwavering and still surpasses any competitor in the Android world. iOS 14 It can be used with devices using A8 processors, so the A12 may be upgraded to iOS 18 (if this happens in the future).

Student’s best friend

For students, the 8th generation iPad is a popular alternative to the Chromebook, and it is a great entry-level tablet. At its student price and adding the Logitech K480 keyboard, you can get a quasi-portable laptop for $350, which is faster and easier to configure than most competing Chromebooks. Of course, it is also an excellent basic tablet, with all the games and media functions that the iPad is used to, and is equipped with a fairly fast processor. Compared with the iPad mini, this is a better choice. It provides the same level of power with a larger screen, but the price is nearly $100 cheaper.

In other words, I have not dealt with the new iPad Air that costs $599, but it has many uses. It has a faster A14 processor, a display with better colors and less reflections, better pencil support, true stereo audio, smaller bezels, faster Wi-Fi, and a clearer front camera And a better charging interface. Its price is almost twice the price, but if you plan to use the iPad for any serious creative work, I strongly doubt whether it is worth it.

The iPad’s biggest competitor in the Android world is $350 Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. It is roughly the same size, supports stylus pens, and offers more storage space at its basic price. The main problem with S6 Lite is that there are not many Android apps designed for tablet size, especially if you try to install it in a school or company environment, you are more likely to see your own tablet designed for iPad. Software and support. This means that the eighth-generation iPad is still a tablet in this price range and our editor’s choice.

Apple iPad (2020) specifications

operating system Apple iPadOS
Dimensions 9.8 x 6.8 x 0.3 inches
weight 1.08 lb
screen size 10.2 inches
Screen Resolution 2,160 x 1,620 pixels
CPU Apple A12 Bionic
storage 32 GB
Battery Life 10 hours (estimated)

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